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- May 13, 2021

A Decade of Heroes: 10 things you didn’t know about Delivery Hero

This month, Delivery Hero celebrates its 10th anniversary. For over a decade, we’ve been creating, innovating, and delivering amazing experiences to customers. Today, we have a global footprint, a strong portfolio of brands, ambitious teams around the world, and a continued passion for driving the delivery industry forward.  

As a global player, we’ve shared our story on many occasions. We’re proud to celebrate our milestones and acknowledge the impact our Heroes make every day. But there might still be a thing or two you haven’t heard about us before – an innovative project or curious fact that didn’t reach your ears. Read on to find out about ten lesser-known facts about Delivery Hero. 

1. Our first Dmart opened in Turkey in 2019

Delivery Hero has been pioneering quick commerce as a smart solution to changing customer behavior, setting new standards for the delivery industry. A key part of our quick commerce operations are Dmarts: delivery-only supermarkets that are optimized for fast delivery. This allows us to deliver to customers within 15 minutes or less. When our first Dmart opened in Turkey in 2019, we knew we were on to something, and we haven’t stopped ever since: today we operate over 600 worldwide. Learn more about how Dmarts work

2. We’re exploring new heights with our cloud kitchens 

Aside from food delivery and quick commerce operations, we’re always exploring new ideas and spaces within the delivery industry. That’s how we started our own cloud kitchens. These spaces can host multiple restaurant concepts in one place, allowing us to explore a new approach to food delivery. Rather than serving customers in-house and preparing food to be delivered at the same time, our kitchen concepts have the space to prepare meals specifically for delivery – called favourites. Our cloud kitchens can be found all over the world, and offer customers an enormous amount of choice while maintaining the highest quality! 

3. Craving a cappuccino? We have a coffee brand!  

On our mission to deliver amazing experiences for our customers, we created our own coffee brand. Everyday Coffee is sold across our existing network of Dmarts across the world – meaning that customers can get their caffeine fix at record speed. All beans are sustainably and ethically sourced, and on top of that they come in a stylish cup design!

4. We deliver via helicopter, drone, and robot

At Delivery Hero, we are always exploring the frontiers of delivery, and that includes testing new delivery vehicles. Over the years, we have delivered food with a varying level of adventure, including via helicopter and drone. More recently, we have been piloting quick commerce robot delivery in Sweden with Doora the robot

5. The number one nighttime order is… fries! 

It turns out our customers agree on one thing: potato fries are a good midnight snack. When asked which item customers across the world were most likely to order in the middle of the night, a clear majority chose fries. Relatable? Strange? We’ll leave that up to you. 

6. We put Diversity & Inclusion first 

With diversity and inclusion at the heart of our business, our D&I program was mandated by our Management Team as a priority and function, rather than left to grow organically. This way, our Heroes can play a key role in driving the D&I agenda, knowing our management is right there with them. On top of that, we were among the first DAX companies to launch a Diversity and Inclusion board, which will support our effort to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace. 

7. Delivery Hero just launched operations in Berlin 

We could not be more excited to come back to where it all started. After a brief hiatus, Delivery Hero recently announced that operations will resume in Berlin, Germany – where the company is headquartered. foodpanda Germany will provide a one-app stop for quick commerce and food delivery – bringing orders to customers at record speed. 

8. Delivery Hero is now present in over 50 countries 

We’ve come a long way since Delivery Hero was founded 10 years ago in Berlin. Today, we operate in over 50 countries! That’s a lot of ground to cover, but our teams collaborate across the globe to provide the best experience to customers, wherever they are. Curious? Meet our global teams. 

9. Our Heroes participate through HeroCommunities  

Many know them as ERGs, or Employee Resource Groups – employees who join together in the workplace based on a shared identity or life experience. At Delivery Hero, we call them HeroCommunities and they function as purpose-driven groups that drive initiatives to promote diversity, share knowledge, provide support and encourage an inclusive culture.

10. Bigger is better! Can you guess our largest order? 

The largest basket ever ordered was in Kuwait, worth a total of no less than 1800 euros! 

Written by

Robin Nierynck

Senior Specialist, Global Communications Delivery Hero

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