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- June 27, 2019

2 years since IPO: growth, change, and future vision

It’s been eight years since Delivery Hero Group first started out. For the better part of a decade we’ve been working hard on delivering amazing experiences and continuously improving our service.

Two years ago, 30 June 2017, marked a great moment for us: we went public on the German stock market and celebrated our successful IPO. This means we moved from being a privately held company to raising capital through public share ownership.

In 2018 we were honored with the Börsenzeitung Corporate Finance Award for performing the largest IPO in 2017, raising €1 billion, repaying shareholder loans and carving the path for continued investment in an amazing experience. No other company was as successful with their IPO in Germany in 2017.

Future vision

With an even bigger appetite we took on more challenges – and we’re proud of where we are today. We currently process over 1 million orders per day and work with more than 290,000 restaurant partners across 39 countries. Spread across 30 brands, our 19,000 employees worldwide are at the heart of our business.

Together, we’re also thinking outside the pizza box, pursuing new lines of business and opening up our delivery channels to the world beyond food.

Commenting on expansion and growth since IPO, our CEO, Niklas Östberg, said: “One of the big strategic decisions after IPO was to further push forward our logistics. This increases the opportunities we have to improve our service and to build up new verticals – another big strategic decision. I’m very happy that we continue to expand our delivery of other items, such as groceries, flowers and pharmaceuticals.”

We’re excited for the future, and we want to remember how far we’ve come. Here are some of our milestones since our IPO.

An award for social impact

As part of our commitment to make a positive difference, Delivery Hero launched the Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship in July 2017. The award, which is given out once a year, supports startups and early stage businesses that are making a social impact in the field of food and beverage. The winning business receives EUR 15,000, as well as access to a dedicated mentoring program with some of the world’s best business and technology experts. The Hero Award 2018 was presented to a social startup called share. Read more.


Only a year after the IPO, in June 2018, we were included in the MDAX market index by the Deutsche Börse (the German stock market). This decision was based on the fast entry rule; the company was eligible due to its market capitalisation and order book turnover. The MDAX index tracks the 50 largest and most liquid German companies below DAX. Read more.

Supporting sustainable business

Earlier this year, Delivery Hero announced its investment in BIO-LUTIONS, a company that produces sustainable packaging and disposable tableware made from agricultural residues. This came as part of a broader commitment to supporting the sustainable ecosystem and making positive changes in the markets where we operate however we can. We’re excited to do more, go bigger, and make a difference. Read more.

A family of brands

In the two years since IPO, a number of new members from around the globe joined the Delivery Hero family. We are thrilled to welcome these new additions to the portfolio, including Zomato UAE, Foodfly, Carriage, Deliveras and hipMenu. Our new markets give us fresh insights, talents and opportunities for further growth. We’re only just getting started!

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Written by

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Senior Specialist, Global Communications Delivery Hero

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