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- April 29, 2022

From massage chairs to foosball tables: Look into our BAEMIN office in Vietnam

Adapting to a flexible working model is a key skill to succeed as a company in today’s unprecedented times. As a global company that operates in around 50 countries, Delivery Hero is facing these challenges around the world head-on. We wanted to have a look at some of our amazing offices around the world and take a peek not only at what they look like but how they have adapted to a new working model and are prioritizing employees’ needs.

In this edition we visit BAEMIN’s Vietnam office in Hồ Chí Minh City to learn more about their hybrid working model in their newly renovated office

Creating a new home

The Mint Rider and the Fat Cat (known as Mèo Mặp)

BAEMIN first launched in Vietnam in 2019 and since then it has expanded its operations from three cities to 21 cities in 2021 alone. With such rapid growth and more and more employees joining the team, the need arose for an expanded and improved office. BAEMIN’s offices are spread out over two locations in Hồ Chí Minh City: There is the Operations Center and the Head Office based in the Friendship Tower, which is a commercial building in which Baemin occupies two floors.

Renovations for the Head Office began in May 2021 and concluded in March 2022. When entering the 4th floor you are greeted by BAEMIN’s iconic baedales, the Mint Rider and the Fat Cat (known as Mèo Mặp).

The revamped modern office includes an open working space, a sizeable pantry for eating and meeting with colleagues, and more flexible desk options. The open space and office size allows for hygiene standards to be maintained and desks to be adjusted according to occupancy. In order to accommodate employees’ needs, BAEMIN Vietnam added more personal lockers, as well as additional wellbeing features such as massage chairs or foosball table when realizing the new office. Private working booths were added that allow for independent focus time, providing the additional hygiene required distance. As the office is on the 15th floor, the light and bright office with floor to ceiling windows creates a comfortable but airy place for the teams to work.

BAEMIN’s new massage chairs

Prioritizing employees’ comfort was crucial when developing the new office, as in these ever changing times creating a space where employees can be productive without feeling like they are compromising their safety is vital.

Embracing hybrid working

Since the impact of Covid-19, BAEMIN has adopted a hybrid working model that combines working in the office and working remotely, allowing employees to actively choose both the location and working time in agreement with their teams. This model gives employees the flexibility to find a work-life balance and helps ensure everyone feels comfortable. Inspired by the employees’ high level of productivity whilst working from home, BAEMIN fully embraced the hybrid model ​​in order to continue to give their employees autonomy over their schedule. For employees who choose to work remotely, BAEMIN provides and ships a full range of equipment and online working software so they can get their work done conveniently and efficiently.

BAEMIN’s new individual office booths

With the hybrid working model, now a working parent will be able to spend more time with their child. A Gen Z employee who can balance his personal life with work or an avid reader who can save time instead of commuting will be able to read more books.

Jinwoo Song – General Director of BAEMIN Vietnam

The new offices are curated specifically in such a way that onsite collaboration is encouraged within perimeters that everyone feels comfortable in. Creating an inviting and uplifting atmosphere was important to help welcome back those who wish to return to the office. Fostering a sense of comfort was a driving force behind the development of the revamped head office. As BAEMIN continues to grow, always prioritizing employees and their needs is crucial to the company identity and perfectly aligned with Delivery Hero’s core value: We are Heroes because we care.

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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