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- August 15, 2022

A very special thank you: BAEMIN Vietnam celebrates its third birthday

This year, to celebrate its third birthday, BAEMIN Vietnam devised a very special campaign. They didn’t expect that they would end up creating their very own viral moment. Delivery Hero operates in over 70 countries, and it is always wonderful to see the impact made across our entire ecosystem, based on our shared value of caring for the communities in which we live and operate. Read on to find out more about BAEMIN Vietnam’s viral 360 Media Hijack third birthday campaign.

Brainstorming a viral campaign

A thank you billboard by BAEMIN Vietnam

To celebrate its third birthday, BAEMIN Vietnam, also known as the Mint Green Army, developed a special campaign to say thank you to all those who have joined its journey so far. Developing a hybrid offline and online campaign allowed for the maximum reach, and let the company extend their gratitude with the biggest impact. The marketing team at BAEMIN Vietnam started brainstorming in early April 2022 to come up with a high-impact, long-lasting campaign that would span their whole birthday month of May. The entire team considered various ideas and through a combined effort were able to conceptualize the digital thank you note campaign. Together, they came up with the 360 Media Hijack campaign.

The campaign consisted of digital thank you notes everywhere you looked. The brand was sending thanks to customers via billboards scattered throughout the city, on elevator LCD screens, in online newspapers, on Facebook, and even in music streaming apps and on YouTube ads. There were messages of gratitude from BAEMIN everywhere. The team wanted to leave no stone unturned when it came to thanking the community for their ongoing support.

A thank you billboard by BAEMIN Vietnam

Bringing it to life

The entire team at BAEMIN Vietnam collaborated to make the campaign a reality. Customers are an integral part of our ecosystem and caring is a core value at Delivery Hero. “We are Heroes because we care,” and as such, showing gratitude towards the entire community in which we live and operate is vital. Campaigns such as this help to strengthen community ties and have a positive impact.

To keep the campaign fresh across the whole month and in many locations, BAEMIN’s team used unique and subtle variations in each iteration. Each of the thank-yous was carefully selected out of thousands of heartfelt thank-yous submitted by over 100 BAEMIN’s employees. This made sure every stakeholder, be they users, merchants, riders, media, or governments, was thoughtfully appreciated. To ensure consistency, they included the words “thank you” and “last 3 years” in each note. Each of the designs was also hand-written by the in-house design team.

As a result, the campaign organically became one of the most mentioned and read content across social media channels and forums, garnered various compliments, and was referred to as an iconic case study of how a brand can thank their community in a creative, genuine, yet impactful way.

One of the great things about being part of a global company is learning from the innovative campaigns run across the different brands. At Delivery Hero, we have the unique advantage of thinking globally while acting locally, and campaigns like BAEMIN Vietnam’s 360 Media Hijack are a perfect example: it combines caring for our local ecosystem with leveraging our worldwide skills to produce a campaign that came from the heart.

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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