Why chain restaurants and food delivery platforms make a good team

23 Nov 2018 | Business & Innovation | by Robin Nierynck

Why chain restaurants and food delivery platforms make a good team

Delivery Hero works with over 200,000 restaurants across five continents, in more than 40 countries. That’s a lot of ground to cover, but we value every one of our partners. One of the partnerships we are proud of is those with chain restaurants.

The food delivery sector has grown rapidly in recent years. Just like independent restaurants, chains discovered the great potential of online food ordering and delivery.

It didn’t take long until we saw the benefits and opportunities of working together, and realized we’d make a great team!We want our platform to reflect a realistic food landscape. When you walk down the high street you’ll find a selection of chains, cafes and independent restaurants, and that’s exactly how we want customers to feel when they browse our channels.

While the majority of our partners are independent restaurants, the popular chains, both global and local, perfectly complement our offering to consumers. Our relationship with chains is an important part of our business, and they make up some of our biggest partners globally. International chains include Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and many others, plus a large number of local stars that, all combined, add up to hundreds of global partnerships.

The delivery sector opens up a totally new and modern dimension for us to give our customers access to our great tasting food even in the moments when no McDonald’s restaurant is around. We are glad to tread this new path in Germany with the Delivery Hero Group – a partner that shares the same visions. This gives us the opportunity to grow and master challenges together.

Rudi Röder, Director McDelivery at McDonald’s Germany

We like to think platforms and chains are like burgers and fries, avocado and toast: together we make your meal just right. Here are four reasons why we think food delivery platforms and chain restaurants make a perfect match:

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We all love a simple way to our favorite food. Online platforms are revolutionizing quick, and customers no longer want to create accounts for every restaurant they order from. By providing a centralized, simple and easy to use platform where you can find anything from your local restaurant to your favorite chain, customers not only have a positive experience with maximum convenience, but they are more likely to order again – and order more.
It’s a win for our customers, a win for the restaurants, and a win for us!Growth

According to a recent study by the investment bank UBS, food delivery sales have the potential to increase more than tenfold by 2030. Online food ordering and delivery platforms are shaping the future of food by providing a highly personalised, convenient service and applying innovative technologies to ensure the best customer experience. That’s a great market for chains to get involved in. As the food delivery industry grows, we’re excited to work together with our partners to offer customers the biggest and best choice.

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With 17,000 riders worldwide, we have a large-scale delivery service available to our partners. Instead of setting up their own logistics, chains have the option of making use of our established delivery system, including delivery time prediction, optimised delivery routes, and features like live-tracking.

This not only makes delivery far more efficient, but is also great from a cost perspective, allowing chains to increase orders and revenues without significant additional investment or effort. This way, chains can focus on what they do best – preparing food – while we take care of our speciality – delivering it!


Software is an essential part of online delivery platforms, and cutting-edge systems can provide great support for restaurants. As a tech company, updating and innovating our software is an everyday reality. This includes algorithms for personalisation, food preparation time prediction, and real-time data exchange to immediately react to customer feedback.

Another important service we offer to chain restaurants is Point of Sale (POS) integration, which optimizes the relationship between the platform and restaurant by connecting their systems. The technology allows orders that were placed online to be uploaded automatically to a restaurant’s system without requiring staff to interact, saving valuable time and optimizing kitchen operations. The system also cuts order processing time, and eventually lowers costs.

Other benefits to restaurants and customers include dedicated delivery menus, synchronized menus and the provision of optimised delivery time estimates. This ultimately creates the best possible customer experience – a success for both parties!
To find out more about POS integration, head over to our tech blog.

We’re constantly improving our service as true business partners for our restaurants – from the smallest independent to the biggest global chain. At Delivery Hero we believe that every customer matters, and the same goes for our restaurant partners.

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