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- May 19, 2021

7 things to know about the Delivery Hero Tech Academy

Enhancing diversity in the tech industry matters. It fuels creativity and helps businesses to thrive. Currently, there is a global gap in the market for software engineers, with the industry falling short of 900,000 talents in 2021. Additionally, only 25% of the global tech sector identifies as female. When looking at the tech sector in Germany, this number reduces further to 17%. 

Delivery Hero wants to change this. We have set out to champion diversity in tech and reduce the barriers to entry for diverse and underrepresented groups. We recently announced the launch of the Delivery Hero Tech Academy, a new initiative in partnership with the Digital Career Institute (DCI). The aim of the program is to build Delivery Hero’s next generation of engineers. 

Curious to know more about what exactly the Tech Academy is and how you can get involved? Read on to discover seven little-known facts about the new program.

1. The Delivery Hero Tech Academy was launched in 2021

In partnership with DCI, this is the first year that the Delivery Hero Tech Academy is taking place. It is a cross-collaboration between Delivery Hero’s Diversity & Inclusion and Tech departments. Together, we have developed a training program to support under-represented groups launch their career in tech. The program is fully-funded by Delivery Hero and equips students with the relevant skills and knowledge, including Java or Python coding languages, to potentially start their career as an entry-level engineer at Delivery Hero.

2. The Delivery Hero Tech Academy was created to champion diversity in tech

Enhancing diversity in the tech industry matters. The perspectives of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences enable companies to solve the most complex challenges and foster innovation. It is part of Delivery Hero’s mission to drive a more inclusive tech industry and the Delivery Hero Tech Academy is one way in which it is doing so. 

3. Anyone based in Berlin can apply to the Delivery Hero Tech Academy

The Delivery Hero Tech Academy is designed to be for anyone based in Berlin! If you are interested in becoming a junior backend software engineer, this program is perfect for you. The program has been designed to be as inclusive as possible, for example by keeping course hours limited to accommodate those with caregiving responsibilities and by having all the costs covered by Delivery Hero. In fact, we especially encourage you to apply if you identify as part of an underrepresented group in tech, such as a woman or cultural minority. 

4. You don’t need to know how to code to participate in the program

No prior experience in coding is required to join the Delivery Hero Tech Academy. In fact, throughout the program students will learn the basics of either Java or Python. Rather, we are looking for candidates who are motivated to learn and have the building blocks of becoming a successful software engineer. The application process will include: submitting your motivation; an online assessment to identify your areas of strength; a technical interview based on an online HTML assignment; and motivational and value-based interviews by DCI and Delivery Hero respectively.

5. You will learn how to code in either Python or Java in only 7.5 months!

Selected students to the program will have the opportunity to participate in one of two streams that focus on either the Java or the Python coding language. The curriculum includes learning the fundamentals of either coding language, plus other important software engineering skills such as: how to work with databases including an introduction to SQL, how to create and use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), how to use cloud services with AWS and more. At the end, students will present a final project using the project management methodologies taught to them during the course, and will be able to add this project to their portfolio. 

6. The Delivery Hero Tech Academy is free

The cost of participating in the Delivery Hero Tech Academy – including the courses and necessary equipment – is entirely covered by Delivery Hero. In fact, you will be paid an intern salary during the 9 months of the program, which includes 7.5 months of learning Java or Python and a 2-month trial period working in one of our backend software development teams as an intern. You also have the opportunity to test for a Java or Python certification after 6 months in the program. It has been designed in this way to ensure that financial status does not form a barrier to entry. 

7. The Delivery Hero Tech Academy equips you with the skills to get a job in tech afterward

The program is tailor-made to enable students to succeed. At the end of the program, students will be able to participate in a 2-month internship at Delivery Hero and be qualified to start their career as entry-level engineers. What makes the Delivery Hero Tech Academy so special is that it’s not just about learning how to code, you will also acquire a deeper understanding of the logical frameworks that are crucial to working in the tech industry. 

Interested to learn more or apply? Head over here to learn more. 

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Written by

Lena Carlson

Senior Specialist, Corporate Communications Delivery Hero

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