Skyline views and concept design: highlights of the Delivery Hero Korea office in Seoul

25 Mar 2019 | Culture & Careers | by Robin Nierynck

Skyline views and concept design: highlights of the Delivery Hero Korea office in Seoul

In the south of Seoul, South Korea’s bustling capital, you’ll find the new Delivery Hero Korea office, which is home to three brands: Yogiyo, Baedaltong and Foodfly. One of our many Hero Hubs globally, the Delivery Hero Korea office is spread over seven floors and covers a whopping 14,8800 sq m.

Delivery Hero Korea’s 750 employees moved into their bespoke new office in December 2018. “The main reason we moved offices is because of employee growth,” says Amy Heeyeon Kim, PR Manager at Delivery Hero Korea. “There simply wasn’t enough space for our Heroes in the old office. It was important to us to provide a suitable working environment for all employees.”

A special task force was created to handle the interior design of the new office and meet employees’ needs as much as possible. A survey was conducted to get employee input, and the task force integrated the concept of ‘food technology’ into the sleek and colorful design.

One of the office highlights is the cafeteria, located on the 17th floor, which offers stunning views over the city. “Previously, we didn’t have sufficient space for office areas, let alone additional meeting rooms, staff lounges, and so on,” Amy says.

“Now that we have a complete floor for our cafeteria, work efficiency has actually increased, as our Heroes not only have more space to communicate but they have a dedicated area to rest and unwind – which also positively impacts their work and concentration.” The office also includes a visitor’s area, which serves an important role in terms of boosting corporate brand and image.

The top floor of the building boasts a roof terrace area called ‘Daltral Park,’ which derives its name from the Baedaltong mascot, Daltongi. The space was designed for Heroes to get some fresh air and relax in between hard work.

As the workspace has become more efficient, the working culture has evolved with it. The new office embodies a culture that encourages employees to own their work, and it offers various dedicated areas, such as workstations and meeting rooms.

“Corporate culture has become much more flexible and better due to added space that allows diverse communications. Our Heroes take pride in working at a global company like Delivery Hero,” Amy says.The in-house cafe, Yogiro, was also introduced as a new addition to the office, where employees can purchase hot and cold drinks at reduced prices.

“Previously, we didn’t have any space to take a break or have a coffee during work hours, and we actually had to go outside of the building to buy a cup of coffee,” Amy says. “Since we have the new cafe, our Heroes make the most of their break time, and I think it really adds value to the workspace.”

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