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- August 29, 2021

“Nothing is too difficult for Doora to find”: Insights from a q-commerce robot

Doora (foodora’s fully autonomous delivery robot) started her journey with Foodora about a year ago and since March 2021 she has become a fixture in Stockholm and working tirelessly to deliver items all throughout the city. We wanted to take a closer look at Doora to find out what she is all about, what her favorite food is, and what it is like for her to navigate the streets on her own, so we chatted to John Denbratt Chief Operating Officer at foodora, her self proclaimed father, about what the first year of her life has been like.

How old is Doora and where was she born?

Doora is a Sweden native. She was born here and she lives here, supported by her very proud father John Denbratt, COO of foodora. She is just a few months old, but it feels like she has been around forever. She feels like an integral part of the delivery ecosystem, that has always been there.

Does Doora have a favorite color and favorite food?

Doora’s favorite color is pink of course, this is why she is always dressed in pink! She likes to eat everything. Books, food, groceries, paper, and so on. She is not picky when it comes to this.

How was Doora named?

When she was born, naming her Doora felt natural and right. She is Doora and just Doora. It was incredibly organic and didn’t take much time.

Where did the idea for Doora come from?

Foodora is always thinking about new innovative solutions. Right now we are going at full speed. To meet the great demand, we need to think new and unconventional. Technical solutions like Doora are ideas that come naturally.

When did you start developing the concept for Doora and how did you make her come to life?

We started working on the concept about a year ago. We talked to most of the major manufacturers and found out that this was the right one as we wanted to move real fast.

What special skills does she have?

Doora is special because she finds her way to any location, knows all the maps by heart, and she is super fast. She has an almost supernatural ability for navigation. Nothing is too difficult for her to find, not only that, but she also works very hard and never tires.

As a delivery robot, what exactly does Doora’s job entitle?

Doora is responsible for delivering food and other smaller purchases throughout the streets of Stockholm. She is responsible for picking up the items from the merchants and then delivering them in an efficient, timely, and safe manner to the customers. She owns the entire delivery process and it is a lot of responsibility for someone of her size and stature.

What is the most exciting part of her job?

The most exciting part of Doora’s job is meeting all the customers and partners of foodora. With her bright appearance and shiny good mood, she is always a hit and everyone is excited to see her. Doora is still too young to have learned how to climb stairs so you have to meet her on street level, however, she is very excited to acquire this skill and expand her horizons.

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Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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