When movie stars meet food delivery: why we love our global influencer campaigns

08 Nov 2018 | Business & Innovation | by Robin Nierynck

When movie stars meet food delivery: why we love our global influencer campaigns

With 28 brands in over 40 countries, Delivery Hero is the largest food network in the world, partnering with more than 200,000 restaurants across 5 continents. Together we’re always working to create, innovate and try news things (and bring our customers delicious food of course!). Influencer marketing is an important channel for our brands to build a valuable connection with customers. We collaborate with amazing influencers all over the globe, and we’re proud of the creative projects we’ve launched this year. From Argentina to Greece, our partners across the globe have developed and launched some fantastic influencer marketing concepts. Here are three campaigns we really love.

A red carpet takeaway in Buenos Aires

PedidosYa developed a creative concept for communicating its new hub and rider service in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The brand partnered with well-known actress, model and TV host Pampita to generate exciting content around this news. Pampita has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and launched her first own TV program “Pampita online.” Across a number of different channels (including online videos, digital content, posters and radio ads) during the month of April, consumers were informed that if they downloaded the app and placed an order, perhaps Pampita would deliver their food herself. In the next stage of the campaign, Pampita indeed delivered orders to a number of customers, generating lots of content, media interest, and social media buzz. PedidosYa also collaborated with a number of other key influencers in lifestyle, business and general trade media, and as a result reached a mass audience. The brand was able to raise awareness of the new hub in Palermo, as well as boost acquisitions and orders. The campaign reached a total 63.1 million users across print, TV and online; 2.9 million impressions on Instagram; and #PampitaYa was a trending topic on Twitter.

Creative collaboration in Greece

efood had a mission to develop a strategy to reach specific audiences ages 18 to 44, and to build valuable connections with consumers. As a way of addressing these goals, the brand collaborated with popular Greek YouTubers, to create videos for the efood YouTube channel, with a focus on entertaining, funny and educational subjects. The content includes promotional videos for restaurants as well as ongoing series and food vlogs. As part of its own video strategy, efood also produces 4-5 owned content videos per week. An important part of the channel is the collaboration with George and Fotini, two YouTubers who are working as presenters on the efood channel. This approach has helped efood become the largest branded channel in Greece, with almost 100k subscribers. “Part of our success is that we create content that we would love to see. It’s an instinct. It’s our everyday life. And I mean… it’s food. We all love food,” says Claire Cohen, Content Queen at efood.

George and Fotini, presenters on the efood channel

By targeting the right audience and providing relevant content, the brand’s videos have achieved an average completion rate of 58%, while the ads produce an average 27% view rate. YouTube is one of the leading channels across the overall marketing mix and the platform provides one of efood’s most valuable audiences, with over 60 million video views.

“We created our channel four years ago, and this made it easier for us to stand out,” Claire adds. “We were ahead of the trend and this helped us create partnerships with creators when other brands didn’t believe in this specific medium.”

The art of food

Foodporn submission by @makaloves

Foodporn submission by @makaloves

On Instagram alone, there are almost 171 million pictures under the hashtag foodporn. We share pictures of our food for all kinds of reasons, and foodora wanted to explore that. In cooperation with the online photo lab WhiteWall, in September foodora Germany asked influencers to take a picture of what #foodporn means to them. The pictures were then printed out in high quality and exhibited in a gallery. “The Art of Foodporn” exhibition explores what foodporn means to different people. By giving influencers complete creative freedom, all pictures turned out completely unique. Some people included themselves in the picture, while other focused on the food. It was a mosaic of colors and styles. The exhibitions took place in Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, and the final installment will open in Düsseldorf this month. The aim was to offer a fresh approach to influencer marketing, by giving creators a platform rather than using their existing platform for marketing purposes.


Foodporn submission by @telishah_blog

Foodporn submission by @telishah_blog

For every exhibition, different influencers were approached, creating a local connection in every city. The campaign so far, with influencer coverage, has had a total reach of 4 million. Over 60 influencers were involved in the campaign, and more than 150 influencers attended the gallery openings.

“Our goal in the project was to take the foodporn hashtag to a whole new level and to celebrate the aesthetics inherent in every foodporn image,” says Simon Birkenfeld, Senior PR & Influencer Marketing Manager foodora Germany.

“What makes this idea successful is that usually brands ask influencers to take pictures and post it on their own channel, but we flipped that around and asked them to create something for us to exhibit.”

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