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- July 22, 2022

Heroes of all ages: A day for the kids

One of the wonderful things about being part of a global company is being able to connect and chat with Heroes from all over the world. One of Delivery Hero’s core values is: “We are Heroes because we care” and caring about all Heroes, big or small, is something Delivery Hero tries to reflect in the events hosted at its Headquarters. Providing a space for all Heroes to learn and connect with one another, regardless of their ages or nationality is vital to fostering an inclusive culture. For this reason Delivery Hero was happy to be able to bring back Hero Kids Day, a yearly event where all Heroes could come together with their families to play and learn. Read on to find out what went into making Hero Kids Day happen.

Making it happen

Hero Kids Day is now in its third year, after an unexpected two year break. The event was initiated by Heroes as a dedicated way to celebrate the families of all Heroes. The idea started in 2018, and the inaugural day was held close to the Delivery Hero headquarters in Berlin, where it continued the following year.

Providing a dedicated day for Heroes to bring in their families is vital in maintaining a happy community and making everyone feel welcome.  The Delivery Hero events team therefore began brainstorming different ways in which all members of the Delivery Hero ecosystem could be actively involved in life at the Headquarters. Allowing children a peek into the lives of their Parents and Guardians, and making them feel included in the lives their parents lead when not at home was important to the team; and so, Hero Kids Day was born!

Bringing Hero Kids Day back

Due to the pandemic, Hero Kids day, along with many other events, had to be put on hold. It was with great excitement that Evgeniya Waldner, Workplace Community & Engagement Manager and her entire team were given the green light to go ahead with this year’s event. Delivery Hero’s new Community Team was created to focus on bringing Heroes together and organizing events to further boost the community. 
This year, Hero Kids Day was held on Friday the 8th of July, and much like past years around 200 little Heroes and their families were present. Delivery Hero partnered with a local charity organization and schools to make sure that Hero Kid’s Day not only brought joy, but also added value to the local community and stores.

Although initially it seemed like the weather wasn’t playing along, by the time the Little Heroes showed up for the start of the event at 10 am, the clouds began to clear.

The day featured a selection of healthy and sugary snacks for the little Heroes to accommodate all tastes and of course featured special treats like frozen yogurt, cotton candy, and pizza.

To fully celebrate Hero Kids Day, the children (both big and small!) got to enjoy a bouncy castle, along with activities such as face painting, Twister, football, balloon animals, a glitter station, an inflatable darts game, Mölkky, jenga and different toy trucks and cars that they could drive!

No event is complete without candy and summery drinks to reflect the season, and so children were provided with the iconic German Goldbären Haribo and Capri Suns in goody bags when they arrived. To make sure our little Heroes were all excited about their families amazing workplace, our Brand Team designed an exclusive coloring book which all the little participants also received as a present with a colored pencil in their goody bag.  As the children were free to run and play to their heart’s content, the adults could also sneakily indulge in a helping of froyo and a slice (or two) of pizza.

As a special treat, the Little Heroes were given the chance to explore the Delivery Hero Headquarters and make full use of our foosball table, napping room, and fridges full of cola & juice. Overall, the day was a tremendous success despite the weather initially looking like it was going to rain on the parade.

To the Future

Events like Hero Kids Day are an integral part of Delivery Hero’s company culture. As summer has arrived and the pandemic winds down, reigniting special occasions like Kids Day are vital to Delivery Hero’s company culture.

One of the truly unique things about Delivery Hero as a global company means that there are Heroes from all over the world. Events like Hero Kids Day allow for the perfect opportunity to connect and learn from one another.

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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