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- November 11, 2022

Hero Month: A look around the world

At Delivery Hero, caring is at the heart of what we do. It’s one of our core values for a reason as it is reflected in every decision that is made. Every year, October marks an important moment at Delivery Hero: Hero Month, an initiative where employees come together to give back to the communities around them.

One of the joys of being a global company is sharing such amazing initiatives with the teams worldwide. Now in its fifth year, Hero Month 2022 was embraced as a truly global event that allowed Delivery Hero to expand its impact on a bigger scale with nine brands and 38 countries participating. In this edition of Local Hero Stories, we are going to be looking at three exciting initiatives that took place around the world. Read on to find out more about some of the great work done to celebrate Hero Month.

Caring for our four legged friends with Yemeksepeti

Yemeksepeti sprang into action and through its existing page within the Mutlu Patiler (Happy Paws) app, Yemeksepeti employees could enter and participate to earn points that were then converted into animal food. To make the event even more special the employees themselves went to deliver the food to the shelter, along with plenty of love, attention, and belly rubs for our canine and feline friends. Overall, Yemeksepeti had 66 volunteers contribute 318 of their own hours throughout Hero Month!

Donating with foodpanda Laos

One of the great things about being a global company is that many brands have their own initiatives  that harmoniously compliment Hero Month. foodpanda Loas just launched their volunteer campaign – foodpanda Cares – with the goal of donating and giving back to the local community. The team collected over 500 clothing items, stationery, and sporting goods that will benefit kids in Southern Laos. The small but mighty team of 34 employees volunteered a total of 58 hours in Laos alone.

Picking up trash with the Delivery Hero Europe team in Hungary

At Delivery Hero giving back to the communities we work and operate in is a priority. Remaining true to this vision, this Hero Month more than 80 employees from Delivery Hero Europe in Budapest, Hungary got together and collected nearly 100 bags of trash from the street. The goal was to support the local community, and with an overall total of 97 volunteers who dedicated 338 hours of their own time the commitment to Delivery Hero Europe’s local ecosystem was felt. Additionally the initiative evolved into a full team-building event as many colleagues came to enjoy the day together, getting to know each other better while cleaning! 

Overall 2193 total volunteers across the entire company dedicated their time through Hero Month. This amounts to 5834 hours of service, a large jump in comparison with the 1950 hours dedicated by our Heroes in 2021. One of Delivery Hero’s core values is: “We are Heroes because we care” and this month Delivery Hero employees truly lived up to this value.

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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