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- July 23, 2020

Investing into sustainability: towards a greener future

One of Delivery Hero’s three core values is “We are Heroes because we care.” Like all our values, this sentiment runs through everything we do: how we care for each other, our communities and the world around us. 

Delivery Hero’s CEO and Co-Founder, Niklas Östberg, is known for his goal to build a company the next generation can be proud of, and this is reflected in the ambitions we set for ourselves and for the company at large. 

So where do we start? A first step was setting out a strategy that commits to building a more sustainable industry, and a greener future. In recent years, Delivery Hero has taken big steps in ramping up its sustainability efforts. In January 2020, our entire European operations became carbon neutral, and we’ve set a goal to be a carbon neutral company globally in 2021. We’re also looking into innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, introduce sustainable packaging, and develop sustainable delivery options on an ongoing basis.  

Investing into a greener future  

Over the past two years, Delivery Hero has also made a number of investments into sustainable companies. By joining forces with like-minded entrepreneurs all around the world, we support the development and implementation of sustainable solutions for the food and delivery industry. 

At present, Delivery Hero has acquired minority positions in four companies that develop sustainable solutions for the food and delivery industry. These companies span from packaging to food, but they all have one thing in common: innovating the status quo for a brighter, better and greener future. 

We aim to implement these solutions through, for example, operational partnerships in order to make meaningful contributions towards a greener industry and environment, as well as safeguarding our communities and markets across the world from the effects of environmental challenges. Let’s take a closer look at our partners:

Biolutions Delivery Hero
BIO-LUTIONS is fighting plastic waste with it’s biodegradable packaging


Hamburg, Germany 

As a solution for fighting plastic waste, BIO-LUTIONS develops and produces eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging from local agricultural byproducts. The company is on a mission to end the excessive use of petroleum-based plastic and cellulose-based paper in modern societies. Their game changer: products that are innovative, sustainable and the most ecological alternative to conventional materials on the market today.

We strive to renaturate the world of materials. That means that truly ecological solutions cannot come at the cost of the planet but should work in harmony with the natural environment. Delivery Hero operates all over the world, and creating packaging in the region where it is needed out of local raw materials with local workforce will be one cornerstone in our partnership.

Eduardo Gordillo, CEO & Founder at BIO-LUTIONS 

Learn more about BIO-LUTIONS.

Wisefood Delivery Hero
Wisefood has developed a edible alternative to the plastic straw


Munich, Germany 

Wisefood offers an innovative and edible alternative to the plastic straw made from cereals, apple fibre, stevia and citric acid. What once started as a student project has quickly developed into one of the fastest growing food tech companies in Germany. Globally more than 300bn straws are consumed every year and the vast majority are still made out of plastic, Wisefood aims to change this status quo and become the future market leader for sustainable straws and -tableware.

We have almost substituted more than 100 million straws with our sustainable alternative. Our products are fully biodegradable, plus we use as many leftovers from food production as possible. What makes our company unique is that we invest a lot into R&D and our production and therefore have a high technology advantage. Wisefood is the first company producing edible straws in paper packaging in a fully automated process with a capacity of more than 5 billion straws per year. 

Philipp Silbernagel, CEO at Wisefood

Learn more about Wisefood.


San Francisco, USA

JUST delivery hero
JUST develops plan-based alternatives to everyday food staples

As a leading food technology business, JUST develops plant-based food products for a healthier, more sustainable food system. The company’s world-class team of scientists and researchers leverage a one-of-a-kind discovery platform for meat and plant-based food, and Michelin starred chefs combine these ingredient discoveries with decades of culinary expertise to create delicious and accessible products.

We believe being unconventional and standing apart is necessary, for the planet and the people who live on it. Our partnership with the innovative team at Delivery Hero is emblematic of thinking anew about how to make our food system more just. 

Josh Tetrick, Co-Founder & CEO at JUST

Learn more about JUST.

Impossible Foods 

California, USA

Impossible burger Delivery Hero
Impossible Foods produces plant-based substitutes for meat products

Impossible foods produces plant-based substitutes for meat products, to counter negative health and environmental impact of meat production. In order to solve the greatest challenge of our time: feeding a growing population delicious, healthy, affordable and sustainable food without catastrophic damage to the global environment, Impossible Foods’ mission is to replace animals in the global food system.

9 out of 10 of the consumers of Impossible Foods are meat-eaters who don’t want to compromise anymore to enjoy the meat they crave. We accomplish this through technology and R&D. Delivery Hero is a global innovator in the food industry, and we are proud to partner with them. 

David Lee, Chief Financial Officer at Impossible Foods

Learn more about Impossible Foods.

Supporting disruptive solutions

Having begun as a start-up with a vision 9 years ago, Delivery Hero is now in a strong position to support visionary young businesses. Finding connections with like-minded people and businesses is part of creating a network that shares the same goal: to leave a positive mark on the world. Although this is only part of the puzzle, we are proud to support the development of innovative solutions that have the potential to transform, not just our own operations, but the overall industry. 

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