28 Nov 2019 | Business & Innovation | by Robin Nierynck

Driving marketing innovation: key trends

This fall our World Marketing Meeting took place in sunny Istanbul, at the headquarters of our Turkish brand Yemeksepeti (take an inside look at their office here).

Our marketing experts from all over the world came together to collaborate on global strategy, exchange knowledge and align on next steps for driving company innovation and growth. We caught up with some of them to find out which topics they highlight as being key drivers of growth in marketing.

Consistency and automation

Michael Wicke, VP International Marketing, points to consistency as a key pillar of growth. “Being consistent in brand communications is important in a highly competitive environment,” Michael says. “Communicating consistently across all channels ensures a clear and efficient installation of our brands within their target groups which helps to differentiate clearly from competition.”

Continuing to leverage automation is also set to be a main driver of finding further efficiencies in performance marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) channels, according to Michael.

“Even though we are already running at a high level of sophistication, there are opportunities for automation to drive further growth over the next year,” Michael says. “Put simply, automation can replace repetitive, manual tasks with automated processes that follow certain algorithms. This way we increase efficiency and free up time to focus on more complex and strategic tasks.”

Winning the streets

Victoria Robinson, Director Marketing Delivery Hero Austria, says winning the streets (in other words, making sure our customers recognize and know our brands) is crucial amidst our hypergrowth as a business, especially in emerging markets.

This can be achieved by effective and strong communication campaigns – branded delivery riders, branded restaurant merchandising material and local offline activations including flyering as well as sponsoring local events and partners.

“Making communication more emotional and ‘human’ can have a great impact on brand loyalty, and freshening up the look and feel of established brands can really inject some new energy,” Victoria says. Read more about our rebranding process here.

Data & bigger ideas

Ross McPheat, Head of International Marketing, highlights data and big ideas as major drivers of change in marketing.
“Our CRM marketing has evolved massively in the last year. Data enables us to leverage personalisation and creates opportunities to talk to our customers in a more relevant way,” Ross says.

It’s important to remember to think big and launch big campaigns, to remind users of our brand and keep them engaged, Ross points out. This helps to avoid people from categorising our platforms as something static and boring.

“By really investing in in-house tool development, automation, and data modelling, we can improve our marketing tech function,” Ross adds. “This will revolutionize how we work and is the next step for Delivery Hero on our way to becoming a world leader in marketing best practice, and it’s really exciting to see this recognized and invested in by the business.”


Anthony Estephan, Performance Marketing Manager for Talabat and Otlob, sees teamwork and collaboration as crucial ingredients for growth and innovation.

marketing leaders delivery hero

Our marketing experts from our brands across the globe came together at our Yemeksepeti office in Istanbul

“Building synergies between teams is the key driver to improve marketing campaigns,” Anthony says. In particular, a closer alignment between Marketing and Product can enable collaboration on questions and issues to find the best solution together.

“This cooperation will enable Marketing to build a product that will answer to the business needs and KPIs, and help us become market leaders,” Anthony says. “Investing in Marketing Tech and Product Marketing is what will drive growth within the company.”

Equally, an increasingly close collaboration between Marketing and Sales enables us to onboard the best restaurants, Anthony notes. As a result, high quality restaurants drive a positive customer experience and as such improve our retention rates.

Of course, this is all within the framework of fostering and strengthening our global collaboration across our brands, Anthony says. “Events like the World Marketing Meeting reinforce this feeling of being a global community where learning, knowledge sharing and growth is fundamental.”

Read more about our International Marketing team, and what’s it’s like to travel for work.

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