04 Sep 2018 | Culture & Careers | by Cameron Mason

How to make Heroes feel good – Delivery Hero’s health and well-being program

The success of a business is only as great as its employees. At Delivery Hero, we are aware of that fact and care for our Heroes, since they are the ones creating our future. The greatest gift for everyone is health – that’s why we’re building a health and well-being program to make sure our employees really feel good.

Stay fit.

Delivery Hero is offering Gympass for employees, providing them the option to choose from over 1800 gyms, sports and wellness facilities. From Yoga to climbing, Crossfit and Salsa dancing – our Heroes can pick their favourite way to stay fit. Moreover, we’re offering BMI and eye check-ups in the office.

Be competitive.

To allow for friendly competition we run many sporting events throughout the year, with our CEO Niklas Ӧstberg joining in the fun. For example in August Niklas has challenged our team to run one hundred kilometres over the month, with the goal of running further than he can – and the leading runner exceeded expectations by far and hit 300 kilometers!

Company Run 2018

Meetup at Delivery Hero

Stretching exercises during a meetup

Watch your back.

We all know that sitting at desks for hours is causing damage to our back and spine. Back pain is the most common health issue at work. As an employer, we’re part of the problem – so, let’s try to be also part of the solution: Our Central Team is offering spine workshops to educate employees on correct posture and to give advice on how to relieve the spine in daily work. Partnering with health insurance, we’re also providing body and spine checks.


Calm, inner peace and relaxation are essential parts of employee well-being. We feel this is so important that employees are able to partake in customised mindfulness sessions, or stretch out through joining a yoga class, or even take 20 minutes from their schedule for an in office massage session. We are also offering sessions for employees to measure their stress level and give advice on how to keep the level at a healthy balance.

Massage sessions

Massage sessions are offered once a week 


Take a break.

Giving employees a chance to unwind during the day is beneficial to their health, prevents stress and can improve productivity. Plus, who doesn’t love hanging out in a hammock? Our nap room is the perfect place to take a load off, lay back, and relax for a few minutes – ideal for finding that creative mojo, and coming back revived and productive.

Eat vitamins.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are part of a healthy diet and good for the well-being of all. We are very lucky to be able to provide our employees with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables daily, giving everyone a healthy snack opportunity for free.

Delivery Hero employees

We love how our Heroes are inventing their own ways to stay in motion

Employees are even able to turn the fruits and vegetables into creatively made smoothies if they feel.


Feeling good and staying healthy is a very individual matter and we’re happy to see how our Heroes choose the options that fit their lifestyle and preferences best. Our Central Team is constantly working on new possibilities to offer an even broader variety – and our Heroes are very inventive themselves as well.