Meet the team that never stops being hungry: PedidosYa TechComm

20 Jun 2019 | Culture & Careers | by Mariana Barreto

Meet the team that never stops being hungry: PedidosYa TechComm

Who are we?

We are the TechComm team – a multidisciplinary team going through an experimental phase. We are informally called “Los Coleguinhas,” baptized by our Brazilian team member. That’s what they call school peers that also share the same lifestyle.

Our history as a team at PedidosYa…

The PICS team was born four years ago together with product photography. It was a project that started as a test in the Uruguay and Argentine market, with the objective of developing photography productions inhouse at our partner locations.

Our team started in 2016, headed by Mariana Barreto, Emerson de Oliveira and Sofía González. Then came Lucía Pallero, Valentina Calache and Ignacio Curbelo in 2018 and last but not least Martín Cuadrado and Eliana Cibulis, who joined us in 2019.

Overtime, it became a challenge to manage the increasing amount of photo sessions without losing the quality of the final product. This is something we work on every day and there are always new strategies for dealing with this. The important thing is to keep moving forward by following our style guides and thereby establishing linearity on the platform. We want to tempt the user through the pictures that show the most appetizing part of every dish, and satisfy our partners by elevating their product image.

Regarding objectives and growth, the team never stops being hungry. We started detecting areas that could be improved and elevated with digital media products. This led to a transformation into TechComm, a team focused on providing photography and audiovisual services, animation, and internal communication for the tech department.

This month, our team divided its resources into two big topics: PICS, mainly focused on product photography, and TechComm, for internal communication in technology. We believe this is the best way for targeting our objectives.

At the moment, our team completes 300 weekly productions, is present in six countries (Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Panamá, Bolivia and Colombia), more than 20 cities, and has more than 40 photographers, one coordinator per market and four central editors.

What’s it like to work at PedidosYa?

It’s always a challenge and the atmosphere at work has a dynamic and motivational feel. We are constantly setting new objectives that not only result in team growth but also individual growth of team members.

The working culture is relaxed, we each share opinions and contribute in order to constantly improve. In winter the classic air conditioner debate starts, but fortunately for heat lovers, the company gave us polar blankets.

Our team values

Collaborative. Working together in synergy.
Passion. Committed in heart and mind to inspiring others.
Hungry. Focus on success. We are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving.
Respect. Our teams have different cultural backgrounds. We encourage healthy debates and different opinions.
‘Junta Fridays’: We are constantly immersed in the gastronomic world, so every Friday we head to a new restaurant to try new flavors. If the group likes the meal, we suggest that PedidosYa adds it to the platform, so we can continue ordering their food through the app.

Team loves

We share a love of cats, riding bikes, photography and design, dance, capoeira, music, cooking, having fun, enjoying everyday jokes and making fun of our own mistakes.

Did you know?

We keep a meme for every person that has been photographed or filmed. They still don’t know but we will gladly share them if asked.

A story

The first audiovisual product the team ever filmed was a series of short videos for the Food Photography Academy. It’s an Academy for training new photographers to improve their work and help them maintain a high quality of photography.

What’s in the pipeline

Regarding food photography, we aim to triple our objectives to accomplish 1000 weekly sessions. We will also implement a “Movie day,” where once a week after work the team will select and show movies from all eras. It will be held on PedidosYa premises and every employee at PedidosYa can participate.

Header image
Top, left to right: Lucía Pallero (Digital Media Designer – pics), Eliana Cibulis (PICS Squad Leader), Ignacio Curbelo (Digital Media Designer – pics). Martin Cuadrado (Digital Media Designer – pics), Valentina Calache (Digital Media Designer – pics), Emerson De Oliveira (Digital Media Designer – TechComm)
Bottom, left to right: Mariana Barreto (TechComm Squad Leader), Sofía González (Digital Media Designer – TechComm)