Things I learned during my internship at Delivery Hero

02 Sep 2019 | Culture & Careers | by Yuliia Konotopska

Things I learned during my internship at Delivery Hero

Hi, my name is Yuliia. I joined as a product design intern in the Delivery Hero Austria product team last year in November, based in the Berlin office. Read on to find out how I got there and what shaped my experiences at Delivery Hero!

My journey to becoming an intern at Delivery Hero started one year ago with my enrollment in an online UI/UX design course. As someone who was passionate about design, but without any prior experience, I decided to start by applying to internship positions and getting some practical work experience.

A day to remember

Berlin is a huge city with a lot of startups and opportunities, but it’s not so easy to find the perfect workplace. I started by visiting meetups to find new people and make connections in Berlin’s design scene, while continuing doing online courses and extending my portfolio.

At one of the meetups that I attended, I was thrilled to discover that Delivery Hero was looking for a product design intern and also meet my future mentor: Katarina. I will always remember that day, how excited I was, although other candidates also applied. I knew that was my chance!

Meeting the team

I never worked in such a company before and was really lucky to join a product team of two designers (Katarina and I), four product owners, a business intelligence analyst and a head of product. I work in a very user-centric team. Together we are working towards ensuring that our customers have an amazing food ordering experience and want to come back and order again.

As a product designer, I work on the complete process of creating a usable product or experience – from research, ideation, prototyping to usability testing and validating.

From day one, I was eager to take on new tasks, learn fast and become a valuable team member. I never learned so much and so fast, and I absorbed knowledge like a sponge. I was and still am excited about any opportunity to improve my design skills.

Yuliia Delivery Hero 2

“I never learned so much and so fast, and I absorbed knowledge like a sponge.”

It’s hard to quantify how much I learned! Two Hackathons, more than six user test sessions, user journey and user story mapping workshops, design sprints, UI/UX meetups every month, brainstorming sessions, and the list goes on! Besides that there are new tasks every day that help me grow as a designer.

Visits to Vienna

Our team trips to Vienna to visit our Austrian brand Mjam are always memorable and meaningful for me. I learn so much! I have the opportunity to personally meet users and hear their needs to better understand who I am designing for. These company visits help my team to pinpoint issues and run focus group sessions to learn more about current order behaviour and make sure that our platform is understandable for users with different backgrounds.

For me, restaurant visits were also very informative. I could see and understand problems from a restaurant’s point of view. And of course, have some fun together! Meeting our Vienna team, testing Mjam services real-time and ordering a lot of fooood.

Finding a community at Delivery Hero

My mentor has played a huge role in defining my time at Delivery Hero. She is not only the coolest person but also an amazing mentor. She never gives the solution right away but encourages me to find it by myself and think outside the box. I learned from her that you should never stop learning and developing, discover new methods and be brave. So a big thanks to Katarina for guiding me into the design world.

I also work closely with the marketing team, learning from them and working on different campaign visuals. As one of the results with tight collaboration with my marketing colleagues is that my design is now on our home page header!

What’s also important for me is our monthly design meetings, where I can learn from other designers and see how they are working. There’s a really amazing design community at Delivery Hero. If you have a question or problem, maybe the global team already researched and it’s always cool to get other insights or read about their findings.

My journey at Delivery Hero didn’t end after 6 months. I am currently working as a trainee and continue learning and enjoying every day!

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