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- May 13, 2022

One on one with: Michael Fanning

The One on One series is a format where we take a moment to chat to our Heroes across the global Delivery Hero team and ask them: what do you do?

In order to demystify the various job titles, we take an in-depth look at what they really mean and give a behind-the-scenes peek at the inner workings of the company. Read on to find out more about what Michael Fanning, Learning & Development Partner at Delivery Hero, actually does!

What is your job title and which team and brand are you part of?

I am a Learning & Development Partner at Delivery Hero, based in Berlin. My focus is on tech & product in Berlin, Singapore & Istanbul. I am part of the Learning & Development team, which is a sub-team of Talent Development within the People & Culture department. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a daily basis, I perform training needs analysis in order to address knowledge gaps. I then build upskilling and re-skilling programs to close this gap. I aim to create and curate learning opportunities for our Heroes across tech and product. This involved managing global learning initiatives with my counterparts across the world. 

The realization that I had a positive impact on other people’s careers and personal growth is truly satisfying.

Before each initiative is launched, I typically conduct a skills assessment survey in order to capture the current level of proficiency of all prospective participants. Then, based on their responses, we finalize the content according to their current knowledge and expertise.

When I am facilitating a session I have to prepare ahead of time by coordinating the meetings, providing participants with material, and general workshop preparation.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like the most about my job is the feeling I get each time I receive great feedback on a particular session I facilitate. The realization that I had a positive impact on other people’s careers and personal growth is truly satisfying.

Could you summarize your core tasks?

I aim to foster a culture of learning throughout all career levels as far as tech and product is concerned. The more employees and managers are engaged through the learning opportunities we designed and curated for them, the more likely they are to feel fulfilled within the company. This is my core task: enhance the career journey of employees through a great learning experience.  

What surprises people most about your job?

What surprises people most is that learning whilst working is the most effective way for a person to either gain a new set of skills or enhance their current skill set.

In learning and development, understanding the context in which learning takes place is key. When you take the daily reality of your participants into consideration you can help them to see more tangible results. 

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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