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- February 4, 2022

One on One with: Najla Alotaibi

The One on One series is a format where we take a moment to chat to our Heroes across the global Delivery Hero team and ask them: what do you do?

In order to demystify the various job titles, we take an in-depth look at what they really mean and give a behind-the-scenes peek at the inner workings of the company. Read on to find out more about what Delivery Hero’s own Najla Alotaibi, Director of Corporate Communications at HungerStation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia actually does!

What is your job title and which team and brand are you part of?

My name is Najla Alotaibi and I am Director of Corporate Communications at HungerStation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up between 5 to 6 am, start my morning routine including caring for my daughter, I am a single mother. At work, I start my day with team updates quickly 10 to 15 minutes and working through my to-do list, and checking e-mails. I make sure to answer all emails 

We also have a session for updates with different teams and departments and brainstorm It is crucial to know the updates to manage news and potential crises.

Usually, after lunch, I have a lot of meetings with the different teams to align on all the projects we are working on.

What do you like most about your job?

If I must choose one thing I would say what I like most about my job is that as difficult as it is to deal with people, I love the challenge of understanding and actually communicating with people, internally and externally. I love the challenge of understanding people’s perspectives and points of view and how we can impact them emotionally. The human brain, emotions, and social intelligence has been always an interest of mine.

Could you summarize your core tasks?

My core tasks are to lead and implement the executive communication strategy for Hungerstation. I also develop long-term and short-term strategies for the internal communications and external communications teams. Furthermore, I develop the CSR strategy as well as overseeing key stakeholder communication. I also cultivate and maintain a strong relationship with government media and influential professionals in the industry. Along with this I also track and manage media relations.

What surprises people most about your job?

I think what would surprise people most about my job is the core way we approach it.
We don’t inform, we communicate. There is a difference. Informing is the simple action of sharing facts, but communicating implies a two-way dialogue connecting to the emotions.

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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