Delivery Hero at Pride
Corporate Responsibility 01 Aug 2019

Celebrating our Heroes at Berlin Pride 2019

This year we came together as Heroes to celebrate Berlin Pride (CSD), attending with our own float for the very first time. What started with an employee’s idea turned into a project that many gathered behind. Our Proud Heroes discuss the journey leading up to Pride 2019.

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Enrica Pasqua Delivery Hero
Corporate Responsibility 17 Jul 2019

Empowering communities through tech: coding for social change

Enrica is a Data Engineer in the marketing tech team. With an interest in both coding and volunteering, she's found a community and a space to bring these elements together. From coaching to speaking at conferences in Namibia, find out how volunteering can make a difference in the tech scene.

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Delivery Hero Internal Audit Team
Business & Innovation 13 Jun 2019

Why internal auditors are ‘the good guys’

"Explaining what internal audit does is probably the most difficult thing that we do," says Larry, Senior Director Internal Audit. He established the internal audit function at Delivery Hero in 2017, and today there is a team of seven amazing internal auditors. Read on to find out more!

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