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- August 31, 2022

ShareTheMeal: 5 questions with Valeria and Digney

At Delivery Hero, we are Heroes because we care. We care for our entire ecosystem and the communities in which we operate. Our values are a core part of our ambition to build a company future generations can be proud of. 

One way that we try to incorporate our values in day-to-day life is through partnerships like the one we have with ShareTheMeal. We sat down with Digney Eisner, Senior CSR Manager at Delivery Hero, and Valeria Castelli, Product Manager at Delivery Hero, to discuss what the partnership means, and how we implement it at Delivery Hero.

Could you both tell  us more about yourself?

Valeria: I’m Valeria, and I’m a Product Manager in the Corporate Social Responsibility Team, and I’ve had the pleasure of working on implementing the meal donation feature in several of Delivery Hero markets within the Pandora Platform. I work with a squad of amazing Delivery Hero employees, who dedicate up to 20% of their time for at least one quarter to be sure that feature is maintained and optimized (Engineers and Product Analysts).

Since I started, I have had the pleasure of working with many people in this squad, and I’m really grateful for all the work that they have done, and the motivation that they display. My role is to help coordinate the work that needs to be done to roll out features in other markets.

Digney:I am Digney, I am the Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Delivery Hero, and I have had the amazing opportunity to be part of the ShareTheMeal partnership from the start.

As part of ShareTheMeal, I work very closely with many teams across Delivery Hero and externally to lead the project and roll out the feature. There are too many teams involved to mention – this project has really been a cross functional collaboration to help fight hunger.

Can you tell us more about Meal Donation and what impact this project has?

Digney Eisner, Senior CSR Manager at Delivery Hero

Valeria: The meal donation feature allows our customers in several markets to have a direct impact, donating to causes of helping to fight hunger. I think the impact is commendable as I see fighting hunger as a social cause that our business is connected with and where I can see that we can make a difference.

Digney: Partnering with ShareTheMeal has provided us a very unique opportunity to help fight hunger globally. 

The partnership enables ShareTheMeal to engage with millions of customers around the world through microdonations, as part of the ordering process. The opportunities to engage customers in prosocial actions, supporting the World Food Programme’s humanitarian efforts, can help provide solutions for global hunger and cumulatively have a massive impact.

From a technical perspective how does making a donation work?

Valeria: From a technical point of view, the feature is now available at the end of the user flow, so users can place a donation while waiting for their orders. We partner with the World Food Programme and local food banks, and the feature allows users to select the amount of meals that they wish to donate, and place a donation through credit card payment. We then send a confirmation to the users, thanking them for their contribution.

What is the best part about working on this project?

Valeria: The best part of working on this project is definitely the people we work with. I think that it is a real privilege to work on such an impactful initiative, and having the support of other employees and external partners makes the difference, even in the days where the inevitable roadblocks or issues occur!

Digney: I can only agree with Valeria, we have worked with fantastic people from all over the world to make this project possible and it’s incredible to see how it all came together. The other part that I really love about this project is that, on a day-to-day basis, we can have an enormous impact!

What does the future partnership hold? Where would you like it to go?

Valeria: I would like to see the feature rolled out in other European and Asia Pacific markets, as I think we could leverage the scale of the project further, making an even bigger impact. I think that we could also leverage partnerships with charities, to tackle specific causes and make a difference.

Digney: I look forward to continuing rolling out into more markets, and making the initiative even bigger and better than it is right now!  We have already made a great impact meeting our 10 million meals goal. However, I am very excited to see the impact continue to grow.

ShareTheMeal is integral to Delivery Hero’s company culture and to caring for those around us.  A huge shout out to some of the people that were part of the squad within the past year: Alexey Ushakov, André Paschoal, Eylül Yurtseven, Frans Setiawan,  Jaron Schulz, Jonathan Sudibya, Kaung Htet, Keyne Adistambha, Mert Kimyonsen, Mizuki Kakei, Noopur Jain, Ons Attia, Shumin Huang, Umut Özdemir, Vinit Garg, Yanhao Yang.

If we have a feature up and running, it is because of the many people that want to help Delivery Hero make a difference.

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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