02 May 2019 | Learn & Grow | by Robin Nierynck

Designing your career at Delivery Hero: tips from talent development

How do you carve out a career path that works for you?

Our talent development team (made up of Eloise, Amaka, Melissa, Nina and Phillip) aims to answer this question on a daily basis.

From organizing trainings to supporting employees and offering new learning opportunities, the team mission is to “create an environment of continual personal and professional growth for everyone at Delivery Hero.”

Whether it’s communication & feedback or time and stress management, our trainings cater to different roles, personalities, and levels – including new joiners, employees and managers. Even our top management regularly takes trainings.

Taking charge of your future at Delivery Hero

We talked to Eloise, Global Head of Talent Development, for some insights into how Delivery Hero employees can play an active part in their personal and professional development, and create a career that works for them.

One of the first things to be aware of, according to Eloise, is that a career is an individual experience.

“What one person views as success in a career may not be true for another. At Delivery Hero we aim to empower our employees to understand themselves and their personal ambitions as they move through their career journey,” Eloise says.To begin their career journey, employees should ask themselves:

What does a fulfilling career mean to me?
What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?

After considering the answers to these three questions, employees can map our their personal career path by asking themselves:

“Knowing what a fulfilling career means to me, my strengths and my weaknesses, how can I best design my personal career path to fulfill my expectations and utilize my personal skill-set?”
talent development team at Delivery Hero

The talent development team is dedicated creating an environment of personal and professional growth for everyone at Delivery Hero

Answering the various elements of this question can serve as a stepping stone to start steering your career in a direction that is meaningful to you, aligns with your strengths, and takes steps towards working on your weaknesses.

While this exercise of discovering your individual career path may seem daunting or overwhelming, employees can rely on support from managers, people partners (the first point of contact for all HR related topics) and of course the talent development team.

Creating an environment for growth

The talent development team provides a number of trainings that are geared to both address the above questions and move beyond them.

Melissa: “Emotional intelligence interests our managers as they recognize that it is an increasingly important skill”

According to Melissa, Associate Facilitator, the employee training with the highest satisfaction rating is the two-day ‘Project Management Training’, which is designed to enable employees to lead projects that deliver great results.

It’s a nomination-based training and is popular as it gives really practical insights and is run by project management specialists.

The talent development team also designs specific trainings for managers at Delivery Hero, to equip them with the tools and skills to lead their team. The most highly recommended training is ‘Boosting your emotional intelligence’.

“I believe emotional intelligence interests our managers as it gives them a chance to self-reflect, and they recognize that it is an increasingly important skill which has a big impact on success in the workplace,” Melissa says.

To support managers at a team level, the talent development team also offers team coaching. These customised sessions can help teams grow together, address opportunities and problems and work more efficiently as a group.

Our eLearning platform, Myacademy, offers over 4,000 online courses for all employees. Courses with the highest user ratings include: ‘Communication techniques for web-based presentations’, ‘Don’t jump to solutions’ and ‘Feedback is Fuel’.

Hero Journeys

Eloise: “We aim to empower our employees to understand themselves and their personal ambitions as they move through their career journey”

All our trainings are designed to provide Delivery Hero employees with the tools they need to take control of their journey and support them in building a career that is custom-made and meaningful.

Whether it’s learning new skills, gaining new perspectives or applying your talents in different contexts, we want to create an environment that supports growth and development.

Find out more about our Heroes’ career journeys. Oksana moved from our office in Istanbul to our Berlin HQ, and is pursuing a career that takes her across teams, countries, and brands.

Mirjam started at Delivery Hero when the company was in its infancy, and has since moved across departments and taken on new challenges.

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