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- February 18, 2022

From digitalization to inclusivity: How Delivery Hero uses tech for good

At Delivery Hero, we are driving the future of quick commerce and food delivery. As a European-born tech champion, we want to use our platform and innovative tech infrastructure for good, building a company the next generation can be proud of. We believe tech can contribute to creating a more equitable, sustainable world. As a company, we are on a mission to deliver amazing experiences, and that means caring for a diverse customer base, supporting a global ecosystem, and empowering the communities in which we operate. Read on to find out more about how we are leveraging our technology to make a positive impact!

Technology is at the heart of our business. Aside from powering complex platforms and sophisticated global infrastructure, we aim to apply our tech innovation for good wherever we can. Our technology helps merge the online and offline world by connecting small business owners to online customer groups. We also support communities through our app by partnering with charities including ShareTheMeal. Through the pandemic, our tech helped revitalize restaurants, and we are now centering inclusivity at the core of our platform. Putting the customer first, we focus on local innovation and global scale.

Building an inclusive platform

At Delivery Hero, we are committed to creating a more representative tech industry. That’s why we launched the Delivery Hero Tech Academy in September 2021. The Tech Academy aims to increase diversity and representation in the technology industry, equipping students with the knowledge of the coding languages Java and Python to start a career as an entry-level Engineer at Delivery Hero. The program runs over a period of 9.5 months until June 2022 and includes a study period and an internship in one of Delivery Hero’s tech teams.

Additionally, this technology offers the opportunity to combine the online and offline world. With our tech and product infrastructure, we connect small business owners to online customer groups, and riders to job opportunities. Riders are able to plan shifts based on their availability and preference, which gives them more flexibility while still providing job security. 

Delivery Hero’s partnership with the UN World Food Programme is a prime example of utilizing technology for good. Through an API integration, Delivery Hero provides customers with a seamless way to share meals as part of their order experience. Delivery Hero and its Tech and Product team provide this opportunity to the users to expand the positive contribution beyond our ecosystem.

Contributing to a better world

The pandemic has changed the way we eat. Our apps make it possible for people to order directly from their favorite restaurants while respecting regulations and prioritizing safety. Restaurant owners and local shops can tap into this technological potential to revitalize their restaurants in difficult times.

According to Davide Vitello, VP Consumer Product at Delivery Hero, supporting restaurants throughout the pandemic was an important part of his work. “I got this feedback from a restaurant in 2020: ‘foodpanda, we couldn’t have survived without you.'” Daniel says. ” For me, this is what motivates me to come to work. We help restaurants to survive and people who couldn’t leave home could get food.”

The Delivery Hero Tech & Product teams do what they do with passion,  solving customer needs on a global scale. The work the teams do at Delivery Hero has an impact on millions of people’s lives. Globally, the teams are spread out over 10 different countries, with pandora consumer platforms from Berlin to Istanbul, Singapore to Taiwan.

The future of delivery

The pinnacle of tech for good is how it directly affects the delivery process itself. Across the entire company, there are various robots and drones in use whose positive impact can already be felt. Drones can be used to execute delivery in hard-to-reach areas, where the process might otherwise take longer or not be reachable at all. In Sweden robots like Doora help support riders during busy times, as well as provide sustainable delivery alternatives.

We love delivering an amazing experience and empowering local communities through our tech platform. Our commitment to always aiming higher and leaving a long-lasting positive impact on the environments we live and operate in is a driving force for Delivery Hero. We aim to always leverage technology for good.

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