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- January 14, 2022

5 innovative trends to focus on in 2022

As we embark on a new year, there are still many unknowns when it comes to what the future will bring. But much like the past two years, unknown and unprecedented circumstances call for kindness, innovative thinking, and the ability to adapt to new situations quickly.

2022 is going to be no different, and as we continue to grow and change we are only adding to the strong foundation that enables Delivery Hero to flourish.

From new technologies to caring for our ecosystem, our focus remains on creating positive change and a more sustainable industry. Read on to discover our take on the top five focus areas for the upcoming year that will play a crucial role in shaping the tech and delivery industry for the better.

Drones and robots

As quick commerce continues to grow as a dependable service around the world, the evolving nature means that innovation leaps need to be taken to keep up with the growing demand and changing customer expectations. As we progress into 2022, the use of drones and robots in the delivery industry is only going to advance, as they are ideal for quick and safe delivery in these uncertain times.

Furthermore, the use of drones can help reach locations off the beaten path and add extra convenience for everyone. From our cute robots Doora in Sweden and Dilly in South Korea to drones being used by talabat, the new year will be an exciting one for technological advances.

Working towards a sustainable future

Delivery Hero is always dedicated to making a positive change and caring for our ecosystem and environment and 2022 is going to be no different.

As the effects of climate change and global warming become more and more apparent, this upcoming year is going to be a year of taking meaningful action for each and every one of us. From our sustainable packing program to receiving a B grade from the CDP, we continue our drive towards a more sustainable future in 2022.

Supporting local businesses

Delivery Hero’s unique position as a global company with a hyperlocal focus allows it to positively impact the ecosystem in which we live and operate. As quick commerce continues to grow and expand, one of the great aspects of the service is how it can contribute immensely to supporting small businesses and the local community.

By offering their products through our quick commerce platform, local stores can expand their client base as well as tap into digital revenue streams. As the world continues to adapt to new circumstances, the need for community has never been bigger, and so the emphasis on nurturing our local networks and partners is going to be in sharp focus in 2022.

Caring for riders

Riders are the backbone of the delivery industry; without them, we wouldn’t be able to operate as smoothly as we do! In this upcoming year, focusing on their safety and wellbeing, especially as we continue into another year of this global pandemic, is a top priority to us. Across the company initiatives such as talabat’s new work injury insurance for riders are part of an ongoing effort to increase the safety of riders.

In South Korea, Baemin has opened its first Safety Training Center, in conjunction with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the Korea Transportation Safety Authority to provide safety training for riders. Along with its newly implemented Rider Fund, which offers emergency injury insurance, both initiatives will be expanded upon in 2022 as part of a larger push to put the safety of the riders at the forefront.

Diversity and inclusion

Creating a culture of belonging that makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable to be themselves at work is a core value for Delivery Hero. While we are proud of our cultural and international diversity, we are committed to developing initiatives that will move the needle on our goals in 2022.

This year, we will continue investing in building diverse teams and inclusive leadership as well as fostering environments of belonging. At the same time, we will be putting more focus on how we can use Delivery Hero’s platform to empower all the communities we reach. In the upcoming year, our work in these areas will be guided by Antonella Schiavoni, our new Director of Diversity & Inclusion – and supported by our newly formed Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board. Going into 2022, reflecting our values in our actions has never been more important.

Written by

Katharina Grob

Content Writer Delivery Hero

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