11 Jul 2019 | Culture & Careers, Learn & Grow | by Melanie Bochmann

Welcome to Delivery Hero! Take a sneak peek at our onboarding process

We all know the feeling when you start your very first working day in a new company – it’s a mix of excitement, eagerness and nerves.

We also all know that first impressions count, and that’s why being onboarded at Delivery Hero is much more than just an administrative process. It’s the time and place where the journey of each Hero begins. Come take a look behind the scenes and find out what to expect from the first days at our Hero Hub.

Where it all begins

Twice a month we welcome newly hired employees to the company with a two day introduction session – that’s 48 days of onboarding every year! A cross-functional team takes care of the process, including specialists from employee experience, core people operations, payroll, office management, IT, as well as a handful of speakers that lead workshops and learning sessions for the newbies. “For me personally the most important message to take away from our onboarding is that we’re one big family, that we’re all working together on this experience”, says Amanda Kuehling, Senior Specialist Employee Experience.

Together with Milan Trimborn, People Partner, Amanda took over responsibility for the onboarding project in 2018, tackling the challenge of creating a very personal experience for new starters. Equipping them with all the knowledge and tools they need for a successful start while adding fun and social elements was one of Amanda’s key goals for restructuring the onboarding.

“Onboarding should not stop after the last session. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure that our new starters really settle here at Delivery Hero, and we support the teams and managers throughout the following weeks,” Amanda adds.

The ingredients for an amazing onboarding experience


When new starters arrive at our Hero Hub, they are welcomed by Amanda and her colleagues from core people operations and the payroll team. “There’s still a lot of administrative stuff to sort out at this point. Some people might still be looking for an apartment. We always get a lot of individual questions”, says Amanda. Later that day, after everyone has received their hardware, they will meet their teams for lunch and an individual team onboarding.

Tour through our Hero Hub

A tour takes our new starters to the coolest spots and most important places in our office – including the front desk (where our office management team is located), help desk (where all technical issues will be fixed), and napping room! – and ends in our photo studio, where they have their first photo shooting with the Delivery Hero brand team.

Lunch with people partners and employee experience team

During lunch, newbies can get to know their people partner, who will be their first point of contact for all HR related topics going forward. This can be anything from performance management, compensation, employee relations, internal policies, trainings, etc. The people partner is there to support during an employee’s entire employment journey at Delivery Hero. Our employee experience team is also dedicated to giving more insights into all the perks of working at Delivery Hero.

Learn and grow at Delivery Hero

Over the course of two days several teams join in discussion with the new starters and deep dive into all there is to know about Delivery Hero, our tools and how we operate.

Our talent development team presents on how employees can improve their skills and shape
their career at Delivery Hero. The session ends with an individual career pathing exercise.

Finally, all participants gather in one of our lounges for a drink and a relaxed chat – a great time to reflect on the past two days and look forward to getting started!

Onboarding Team Delivery Hero

left to right: Igor Lubawinski (Director Employee Engagement), Milan Trimborn (People Partner), Robert Schmurr (Manager Systems Administrator), Vaida Dapkute (Associate Core People Operations), Amanda Kuehling (Senior Specialist Employee Experience) and Kay-Peter Recker (Manager Office Management) team up to create an amazing onboarding experience.

We always aim higher

The onboarding team is constantly striving to improve and identify new topics that could add value to the introduction process. “For me it’s very important to receive feedback after the onboarding. We’re already going in the right direction, but of course, we always aim higher – this is one of our values here at Delivery Hero,” says Amanda.

“One of our goals is to pay even more attention to people that are relocating. We have people joining from all over the world. That’s why in the future we would like to share more about Germany, our German culture, what’s special about Berlin, and how to get settled here.”

“An inclusive onboarding experience sets every employee up for success, regardless of their backgrounds, experiences or personalities. Once onboarded they should feel like they made the right decision to join Delivery Hero, and that they belong here. This will also impact innovation, engagement, retention and ultimately it affects the potential to improve our business results.”

Do you want to test our onboarding for yourself? We’re hiring! 

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