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- May 21, 2019

World wide workplace: one office, 70+ nationalities, a multitude of stories (Part III)

If you missed Part I and Part II of our world wide workplace series, be sure to have a read and find out more about what gives our Heroes that ‘looking forward to Monday’ feeling, and what has been dubbed as Delivery Hero’s “weirdest starting day ever.”

At Delivery Hero, we celebrate our differences and unite in shared experiences. With over 70 nationalities in our Berlin HQ alone, our international workplace is a great strength when it comes to developing products and solutions that work for everyone. 

Joanna Stock

Joanna is a Senior Recruiter and is responsible for executive hiring for Delivery Hero and all our brands around the world. She moved to Berlin in February 2017 after a life changing New Year’s Eve party…

Joanna, Senior Recruiter at Delivery Hero

Joanna, Senior Recruiter at Delivery Hero

Where are you from?
I’m from London, UK.

Why did you move to Berlin?
I was looking for a life changing experience, to move out of my comfort zone in London. While searching for the new challenge I was on holiday in Berlin and I met a number of foodora employees at a New Year’s Eve party, and I just fell in love with the people. The next day I applied to work at foodora! Two months later I moved.

What languages do you speak?
English, I can read Hebrew and I’m learning German at Delivery Hero.

What’s your favourite food from back home (explain if needed)?
A traditional British Sunday roast! It has to be beef – one of the pink bits from the middle – with amazing gravy and roast potatoes. And a good glass of full bodied red wine.

What do you love about Berlin?
What I love about Berlin is that you feel like you’re part of something that is always changing.

Because of its history there is so much creativity, I feel like I’m contributing to something great. I think that’s one of the reasons we all love being at Delivery Hero and working in a startup environment is because there’s that feeling of being part of a journey.

…and what don’t you love?
You never know if you’re going to get a summer! One year it’s great, the other you just get rain.  That and the airports – you can’t fly direct to most places from Berlin at the moment.

What’s your favourite place in Berlin and why?
The parks. I like to sit by the spree in Mitte and watch the boats go by and have a picnic in the grass. It’s great that we have Monbijou park right next to the office, so in the Summer I can sit outside on my lunch break.

It feels a bit like a big family, it goes beyond just being colleagues.


What’s the biggest difference compared to where you grew up?
Everything is closed on Sunday! And it’s still very cash-centric. But the cost of living is also lower. Food is cheaper and I can afford to live in the city centre for the price of what it would cost me to live in zone 5 in London.

How would you describe the company culture at Delivery Hero?
I would describe it as very natural, very genuine. People are respectful but not at the cost of being open. The majority of us at the headquarters, even if we are German, are not from Berlin. So we rely on each other a lot to get set up in the city, make friends, and share tips. It feels a bit like a big family, it goes beyond just being colleagues.

Do you feel like there are opportunities to share your culture at Delivery Hero?
There’s a real openness. Everyone is curious to know how things are done in other places and  cultures. People don’t feel like “their way is the right way,” it’s a melting pot where we can bring all the best parts together. There’s a definite openness to that, no matter where you’re from.

What is a unique tradition/custom from your country of origin that your co-workers just don’t get?
I love jacket potatoes with english cheddar cheese, tuna mayo and sweetcorn. Maybe some baked beans on the side. You can basically get this in any cafe in the UK, but it’s impossible to find in Berlin. Here I have to buy all the ingredients separately and assemble it myself. But I would love it if an english jacket potato shop opened in Berlin! I also love a good meal deal, which is hard to come by here.

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