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What it is like working at Delivery Hero?

You can feel that we’re going through a big transition from a traditional start-up to growth-stage mastery with all the challenges that go with that. We are professionalizing, which means that something changes every day and we don’t stand still. This is the best time to be at Delivery Hero from an impact standpoint.

We grew fast and this is down to the fact that we only hire those talents that we feel we can offer the best environment to grow in. When we hire, we don’t only look for your talent, skills and ambition, but also whether you would feel at home in our family of heroes and if Delivery Hero is the right place for you to nurture your talents.

You’ll find a company that values strong relationships between team members and is all about connecting with each other on a professional and social level. We encourage cross-departmental communication and bring teams closer together to work in synergy towards their individual and  company goals. There is a constant and open exchange of information and learning to foster this culture.

Since we know how important it is for you to grow on an individual level, too, we have made sure to offer you a comprehensive training program. How do we know it’s important for you? Well, we ask. We’re interested in our heroes’ experiences and opinions and foster an open feedback culture.

At Delivery Hero, you find international flair and we work closely with all our entities all over the world. Every quarter we get all heroes across the globe together for a company update from our HQ in Berlin. Everyone’s invited to tune in virtually from wherever they are to find out the latest heroic achievements. The creativity and energy of every hero matters and everyone in the team actively contributes to the whole value and mission of our company.

But it’s not all about business. It’s also about socializing. It’s about meeting other heroes at one of our social events like flea markets or our legendary karaoke nights. It’s about our classy Christmas do’s and our fun Summer parties. It’s about making new friends during our blind lunch which matches you up with one of your colleagues who you haven’t met before. And above all, it’s about being a hero and helping each other out. And food! It’s always about food!

Hero Values

You’ve been a customer, so you understand that every customer matters. We are passionate about our customers and truly care for every single one of them. Our investment is in understanding our customers, so we build products and services they love and we partner with our restaurants to create amazing takeaway experiences.

You believe everything is possible? So do we. If there is a problem, we deliver solutions and do not look for someone to blame. We take ownership and do what we can to fix it.

Everyone can be excellent. So we go for excellence and improve what we do every day. At Delivery Hero, we believe that excellence is often achieved by keeping things simple. Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.

Be a hero! We create a friendly and productive atmosphere in which we help and support each other to achieve our goals. We accept differences and treat each other with respect. We’re all in this together!


• You’ll never feel hungry again with our great discount on our platforms and daily fresh fruit to keep you healthy and energized

• Need a little quiet time sometimes? Space and equipment to relax and play, such as playstation and napping room

• Love working and socializing with great minds? Company events and parties to keep you informed and networked such as Tech Happy Hour, Quarterly Global All-Hands, Summer & Christmas parties etc. – always with lots of Food, Food and more Food!

• Enjoy even more discounts from external partners, discounted public transport tickets or free English and German language classes at Delivery Hero

• Feel at home in our modern and bright Hero Hub in the center of Berlin