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Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Panamá, Paraguay, and Uruguay are the markets for which we work everyday to provide the best user experience and variety of food through our partner-restaurants online, being the faster and easier way to order food. Besides PedidosYa, he team is also managing the Domicilios brand, operated in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

The good vibes, the warm relationships among the team members, the motivation, the ambition, and the shared vision of all our team is what allows us to improve day by day and fight to continue being the largest player in Latin America. Enjoy your food from the beginning.

Ariel Burschtin is the co-founder and CEO of Ariel together with Alvaro and Ruben (the 3 co-founders) are responsible for the consolidation of PedidosYa at the Latin America market and the company became part of Delivery Hero’s family from 2014. Prior to this Ariel was co-founder of Evolutiva Software Factory focused on e-commerce applications working with important local retailers providing a complete solution for theirs online sales.

Ariel holds a degree in System Engineering from the ORT University, Uruguay.

Ariel Burschtin

CEO PedidosYa