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Yogiyo is located in Seoul, South Korea, the country where people never get tired of ordering food online. The Yogiyo teams are passionate about providing fast and easy food ordering experiences to our customers through our award winning mobile applications (Google Play’s Best App of 2013) and our website all night long.

You will find our authentic restaurant reviews posted by real users, convenient re-ordering functions, expected delivery time notification services, and many others. You will become addicted to ordering delicious Korean night express meals through Yogiyo.

Baedaltong launched the world’s first click-to-call delivery application in 2010, and the service has since been downloaded by millions of customers. Baedaltong has a huge network of delivery restaurants and provides 24/7 service – meaning that people can order food whenever and wherever they want.

“Customers first” -this is our most essential value, and we strive to provide as much information as possible to the customer as to the quality of every restaurant on our website. More than 1 million reviews from previous customers can be read by customers, whilst we also offer reviewed images and Baedaltong’s very own B-Score. This ensures that the customer can make an informed, confident and quick choice of where to order their food from.

We also strive to improve our quality of service with restaurants on the platform too, by building strong partnerships that result in a win-win situation for both parties.

Foodfly delivers famous restaurant’s dishes that do not offer delivery service to your home. Now, you no longer need to wait in long-lines to taste the dishes from popular restaurants. Just click on the menu that you want from the app. If the restaurant you want is not registered yet, just give us a call to our Call Center and leave us the name of the restaurant and menu. Our professional Foodfly Riders will quickly and safely deliver the delicious food to your dining table.

Also, you can enjoy chef-grade menu through our Foodfly’s “Chefly” service. Of course, it’s much more convenient. Our “Chefly Kitchen Team” personally prepares the ingredients, cooks, and packages it into a ready-made meal style, and it is delivered along with the recipe.