Delivery Hero

in Peru

At Clickdelivery we work every day to fulfil our goal, creating an amazing takeaway experience for our users and keep growing our restaurants/partners online revenues.

Every day we focus on having a happier and better team to make every customer a happy customer. Try us!

Jose co-founded Clickdelivery with Miguel Mc Allister and Pablo Gonzalez in 2012. Since July 2014 clickdelivery became a member of Delivery Hero´s family. Previously he worked 2 years as an M&A investment banker. Before co-founding Clickdelivery Jose was co-founder in companies from e-commerce, agro-industrial and mass consumer market. Main companies were Grupo Caucol, Tomacol and Pidefarma.

Jose holds a degree in Industrial engineering from Andes University, Colombia.

Jose Guillermo Calderon

CEO Clickdelivery