Delivery Hero Becomes One of the World’s Leading Online Food Ordering Platforms 18 Month After Launch

02 Apr 2012

 by Press Team

Acquires Market Leaders in Sweden, Finland, Austria and Poland

Delivery Hero, the global network for online food ordering continues its rapid growth by purchasing OnlinePizza Norden Group. Within only 18 months, Berlin-based Delivery Hero built a global category leader, underlining the role of Berlin as a new global technology hub.

Over the last 5 years OnlinePizza Norden built the market-leading platforms in Sweden, Finland, Austria and Poland. The acquisition, a double-digit million all-cash deal, was financed by an additional round of funding, bringing the total investment into Delivery Hero Group to €40 million, making Delivery Hero one of the best-funded companies in the online food ordering space.

The businesses acquired consist of OnlinePizza (, Mat24 ( in Sweden, PizzaOnline ( in Finland, PizzaPortal ( in Poland, as well as Mjam ( and WillEssen ( in Austria.

“OnlinePizza Norden Group is perfectly complementing our strategy to make Delivery Hero the clear market leader in Europe. The team behind OnlinePizza built a very profitable business that we plan on growing further over the coming years,” commented Fabian Siegel, Delivery Hero’s co-CEO.

The new Delivery Hero Group employs more than 350 delivery heroes worldwide with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The company is currently operating in Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, and Mexico, partnering with more than 19,000 restaurants worldwide. Delivery Hero is expecting 2012 marketplace revenue to exceed €250 million while serving more than 4 million customers, making Delivery Hero one of the fastest growing internet companies worldwide.

“The Delivery Hero team has demonstrated rapid execution over the last 18 months. We are happy to have found such a dynamic partner that will continue investing and building the business we have built with a lot of passion and against all odds over the past years. Everybody at OnlinePizza Norden Group is excited to see OnlinePizza become part of the Delivery Hero family,” says Erik Mellström Byrenius, CEO OnlinePizza Norden.

Food ordering globally is estimated to be a €75 billion industry, with most orders still placed by telephone. However more and more consumers discover the convenience of ordering food online every day. Instead of searching through paper menus, consumers enter their location and get a personalized directory of restaurants and takeaway services that deliver to them. Consumers simply select their food online and choose to pay online or with cash on delivery. Industry experts claim that in the mid-term, most orders will be placed online, as has happened in other industries such as flight and hotel bookings.