25 November 2016 - Berlin

Delivery Hero consolidates its Australian business under the foodora brand

Focus on delivery from a curated selection of restaurants reflects the increasing Australian consumer demand for quality food and higher service level.

Delivery Hero, the global leader in online and mobile food ordering, announced today that its Australian business will be consolidated under the foodora brand.

Delivery Heros customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will now be able to experience the curated delivery service provided by foodora with special trial offers.

“Recent developments clearly indicate a switch in Australian consumer behavior; we see a sustained focus on quality food. This is why Delivery Hero from now on will consolidate its Australian business under our foodora brand”, says Niklas Östberg, CEO of Delivery Hero.

Rodrigo Sampaio, co-CEO of foodora, adds: “The exceptional growth of foodora is proving that our service has the potential to change the way food delivery is experienced. We are excited to welcome Australian Delivery Hero customers and provide them with all the amenities of our service.”

Foodora has become a leading player in this segment in Australia. Its signature pink bikes can be seen in the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Foodora will continue investing strongly in the Australian market.

“Foodora is driven by its superior service level and unique selection of restaurants,” complements Toon Gyssels, who leads foodora in Australia. “We are convinced that customers of Delivery Hero in Australia will love our service and turn into enthusiastic foodora users.”

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