Delivery Hero consolidates leadership position with a €287 million financing

06 Feb 2015

 by Press Team

BERLIN-Delivery Hero, the largest global provider of online and mobile food ordering, today announced a fundraising of €287 million from Rocket Internet. The total investment size by Rocket Internet was €496 million in primary and secondary.

Delivery Hero will primarily use the funds to expand its position as a technology leader and to build its long-term vision to transform an efficient food delivery industry.

The company currently provides ordering capability for more than 90,000 restaurants in 24 countries, being market leader in 19 of those countries. Delivery Hero’s restaurant partners generate more than a billion euros in annual sales via online orders or mobile applications and deliver more than 12 million meals every month.

Delivery Hero and the online food ordering entities within Rocket Internet will continue to operate separately while cooperating closely across many functions.

Niklas Östberg, CEO of Delivery Hero, commented: “Delivery Hero has a very long-term vision to transform the food delivery industry for the sake of transparency, quality, convenience, and speed. Rocket Internet is a perfect long-term investor to achieve this.