31 January 2019 - Berlin

Delivery Hero Updates Executive Structure

Berlin, 31 January 2019 – Delivery Hero S.E. announced today, that Ralf Wenzel, Chief Strategy Officer, and Eduardo Goes, Chief Logistics Officer, will be leaving the company during the first half of 2019 at their own request, in order to pursue new opportunities.

CEO Niklas Östberg commented: “I would like to thank both Ralf and Eduardo for contributing significant chapters to our success story. With their departure, we now believe the time is right to make our management structure leaner.“

This results in the management board and team reducing from 9 people to 7. The responsibilities of the two executives will be divided between the remaining management team and the second management level. This is part of a larger initiative to strengthen and empower the VP layer of the company.

Ralf Wenzel, founder of the foodpanda business, will leave the company during the first quarter of 2019 after six years in the online food delivery industry. Ralf been leading strategic and M&A efforts over the past two years and played a significant role in the successful IPO in 2017.

Eduardo Goes will leave the company during the second quarter of 2019. Eduardo has joined Delivery Hero as foodora’s CEO and following this, took on the role of Chief Logistics Officer. As CLO Eduardo has successfully expanded the company’s own delivery segment to all Delivery Hero brands.

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Bodo joined Delivery Hero in 2013. He started as Head of PR, today he is responsible for the company’s corporate communications. Before joining Delivery Hero he worked in the comms area for 20 years, holding various positions in journalism, marketing and PR at companys such as Burda, Springer or Betfair.

Bodo is a graduate of Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich, and Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin. In addition he holds a master’s degree (German diploma) in ‘Regionalwissenschaften’ from University of Cologne.

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