25 July 2017 - Berlin

Launch of the Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship

The Hero Award is for startups and early stage businesses in the field of social entrepreneurship with a focus on the food and beverage space. Typically social entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector are looking to make an impact in fields like

  • Food Production & Delivery
  • Food Wholesale and Retail
  • Sustainable / Transparent Food Supply Chain
  • Hunger Relief
  • Sustainable Consumption
Delivery Hero will donate EUR 15,000 to the winning social business, provide coaching by some of our business and technology experts, and bring access to a valuable network. A jury, including Delivery Hero CEO Niklas Östberg, and Johannes Weber, Managing Director at Ananda Social Venture Fonds, will review applications focusing on following criteria:
  • Business Model: Does your company have a scalable business model? Do you have a profound model addressing competitors, revenue, and customer acquisition?
  • Customers: Are you building something that users want? Do you have a deep understanding of your users’ needs?
  • Social: Is your business working to improve the Three P’s; people, planet and profit?
  • Innovation & Impact: How original or unique is your solution? What potential does it have to make an impact in our real world?

The Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship is accepting applications until 31 August 2017.

Media Contact

bodo.braunmuehl 750 x 510

Bodo joined Delivery Hero in 2013. He started as Head of PR, today he is responsible for the company’s corporate communications. Before joining Delivery Hero he worked in the comms area for 20 years, holding various positions in journalism, marketing and PR at companys such as Burda, Springer or Betfair.

Bodo is a graduate of Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich, and Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin. In addition he holds a Diplom (equiv. to MSc) in Regionalwissenschaften from University of Cologne.

Bodo v. Braunmühl

Corporate Spokesperson