Tech & Innovation - March 21, 2023

Dare to try: Delivery Hero reveals which countries are most adventurous in their eating habits

Berlin, 21 March 2023 – Delivery Hero, the world’s leading local delivery company, today reveals which regions are most adventurous with their food choices, and which tend to be faithful to familiar favorites. Data was taken from the full year of 2022 for the 20 countries on the company’s Pandora platform, which provides the backend to brands foodpanda, foodora, Dáme jídlo, mjam, Yemeksepeti. 

Beginning at a country level, Delivery Hero discovered that customers in Thailand were the most likely to reorder the same cuisine at 60%, while customers in Malaysia were the least likely at 14%. Overall, regions across Asia generally preferred their own country’s cuisine above all else, including Thailand and Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Europeans tended to turn towards fast food and pizza, which was the most reordered cuisine type in Hungary (30%), Sweden (43%) and Finland (49%). Only one country, Cambodia, showcased beverages as the most common reorder category, at 40%.

The company also explored which regions within countries had the highest incidence of reordering from the same restaurant. Out of all the areas on the platform, Dunaújváros in Hungary had the most loyal customers, with a reorder rate for restaurants of 43%, while the Lake Van region of Turkey had the lowest at just 9%. It is no surprise that regions close to airports had unusually low rates, hovering around 17% for both Hong Kong airport and Singapore airport, while Bangladesh had the most uniform rate across the country, hovering around 20-22% in all regions.

These discoveries were borne out of Delivery Hero’s recent efforts to optimize their restaurant delivery data, as part of their ambition to create the most personalized experience for every customer. Over the past year, tech and product teams at the company have been ensuring that every order, across every country on the Pandora platform, can be normalized to fit into one of hundreds of food categories. From there, data teams can build algorithms that ensure customers are being shown the restaurants and dishes they want to eat at any particular time. Head over to Delivery Hero’s Tech Blog to find out more about this process.

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