- January 7, 2013

Delivery Hero appoints Niklas Östberg as sole CEO

Delivery Hero, a leading platform for online food ordering, has announced today that Niklas Östberg becomes the sole CEO as Fabian Siegel steps down. Under the lead of Siegel and Östberg the company has become one of the fastest growing internet marketplaces worldwide and is today processing millions of orders across 12 countries.

“I’m happy to have been a part of the Delivery Hero success story to build within 2 years one of the global category leaders in online food ordering”, says Fabian Siegel. “I will continue to support the company as a shareholder and advisor.”

After the management change, Niklas Östberg becomes the sole CEO. “Fabian has given a lot to Delivery Hero and I will continue to leverage his input”, says Niklas Östberg. “We share many ideas how to revolutionize the online food ordering space. Thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of the teams in Berlin and around the world we will continue to build a world class service. We have only seen the start.

“Niklas Östberg has been involved in the start-up scene since the late 90s. He co-founded Pizza.nu – later OnlinePizza.se, where he served as a full-time chairman. Östberg was responsible for building up the clear market leaders in online food ordering companies in Poland, Finland and Austria until co-founding Delivery Hero supported by the Berlin-based incubator Team Europe. OnlinePizza.se was aquired by Delivery Hero in 2012.

Chairman of the board, Lukasz Gadowski, gives appreciation for the contribution of the management. “Niklas and Fabian were an exceedingly capable executive team; as the company grows, we decided to consolidate the leadership under one person,” says Lukasz Gadowski. “Niklas has successfully built this model for the past five years. He and the team are going to write a new chapter for Delivery Hero.”

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