- September 25, 2014

Delivery Hero is closing down its business unit in Braunschweig

– pizza.de brand will be kept

– Delivery Hero continues to grow with over 100% per year

Berlin, 09.25.2014

Delivery Hero announced today that the Braunschweig location will be closed in three steps until August 2015. To date at the Braunschweig location there are a total of 128 employees working, of which 47 are immediately affected by the gradual closure. All employees are informed and will receive individual talks on social measures. At present, 81 working contracts will remain in place for now. There are currently 50 job vacancies available in Berlin and applicants from Braunschweig should be treated preferentially.

Delivery Hero is committed to provide all employees of Braunschweig professional support of a leading outplacement agency. In parallel to this, all employees will be given training opportunities to improve their skills.

The decision has no impact on pizza.de. “Pizza.de is a strong brand, in which we will continue to invest.This should however be done in the future in Berlin” said Niklas Östberg, CEO of Delivery Hero

Neither customers nor restaurant partners of pizza.de are affected by the changes. The remaining Braunschweig team will still smoothly run the business operations. In addition, individual tasks may be transferred to Berlin.

In-depth analyses of business operations has shown that only by concentrating our German business in Berlin will ensure clear synergies that are necessary to serve Delivery Hero’s restaurant partners at lowest possible cost. Delivery Hero therefore hopes many of the Braunschweig staff will apply to the many outstanding positions at our Berlin office and support our tremendous growth.

In global business, Delivery Hero is positioned very well for further strong growth and focuses its investment in Germany to Berlin, in doing so; the pizza.de brand will maintain long-term competitiveness.With pizza.de and Lieferheld, Delivery Hero has an excellent market position in Germany with over 10% market share of all food orders.

About Delivery Hero
Delivery Hero is a global network of online ordering platforms for food with more than 75,000 partner restaurants worldwide. Delivery Hero has over 1000 employees in 23 countries, including 440 in its Berlin headquarters. Investors of the company are currently Insight Venture Partners, Kite Ventures, Team Europe, ru-Net, Tengelmann Ventures, Point Nine Capital, Venture phenomenon and Vostok Nafta.

In the home market, Germany Delivery Hero operates with its two brands Lieferheld and pizza.de.

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