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Delivery Hero supports the #StayonBoard initiative

Today, we are proud to announce that Delivery Hero actively supports the #StayonBoard initiative. #StayonBoard calls for a change in legislation to make it possible for supervisory and management board members to temporarily pause their role when they take a leave of absence (usually in the case of parental leave). 

Currently, members of executive and supervisory boards have no way of temporarily suspending their mandate in the event of parental leave (or another temporary absence like illness or taking care of a relative). In order not to be liable during this time, they have to resign from their role. This disproportionately affects women who statistically take longer parental leaves when raising a family. Launched in 2020, the #StayonBoard initiative wants to change this. 

Delivery Hero’s supervisory board member Jeanette L Gorgas, actively supports this initiative:

Supporting diversity deeply in companies contributes directly to their success. The prevailing legal situation in Germany makes it particularly difficult for women to take on responsibility on supervisory boards and executive boards. This is in direct contradiction to equal opportunities and the compatibility of work and family. We need more women in leadership positions who can serve as role models for the younger generations. That’s why I support the #StayonBoard initiative with full conviction. 

Jeanette L Gorgas, Supervisory Board Member of Delivery Hero

The initiative has over 30 official supporters including Tina Müller (Douglas), Delia Lachance (Westwing), and Christian Miele (GSA). Learn more about the initiative here:

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