- May 8, 2011

Team Europe founds Delivery Hero Holding – Niklas Östberg appointed as CEO

The Berlin-based incubator Team Europe today announced the founding of Delivery Hero Holding. Team Europe is working on turning Delivery Hero into the world’s leading online food ordering platform. Niklas Östberg has been appointed as CEO.

The platform bundles thousands of delivery services offering freshly made food like pizza, sushi and burgers. Customers can order meals to their homes conveniently online. That means no more annoying calls and rummaging around for ordering menus. The restaurants then receive the orders via fax or computer, for which the platform receives a commission. Thus, the process is also much simpler for the restaurants than the traditional order placement by phone.

“Last year we built the corresponding company for the German market and were actually surprised by the big success of Lieferheld,” commented Lukasz Gadowski, partner at Team Europe. “As such, the next logical step was to found Delivery Hero Holding, and Niklas Östberg was the perfect choice as CEO.”

Östberg has already successfully set up online food ordering platforms in Finland, Austria, Poland and Sweden. “Team Europe is the right partner to help me realise my vision of a global food delivery platform. When it comes to scaling businesses, they’re professionals,” he said, expressing his enthusiasm for the cooperation.

Delivery Hero is already working intensively on launching its website in the first foreign market – this market being Australia illustrates the global ambition clearly. “We are planning a very broad international rollout,” explains Markus Fuhrmann, Venture Partner at Team Europe. Fuhrmann has already gained experience in the field three years ago when co-founding an equivalent model in Austria. Among other countries, he also lived in China for several years, where he built up a corresponding business as well. Now he is pushing the global expansion of Delivery Hero together with Östberg.

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