Tech & Innovation - September 20, 2022

Innovation across borders: Delivery Hero and Woowa launch engineer exchange program

Berlin, 19 September 2022 – Delivery Hero, the world’s leading local delivery platform, and Woowa, its South Korean subsidiary and operator of Baedal Minjok, today launched a new engineer exchange program. For the next six weeks, Delivery Hero will welcome a first cohort of Woowa engineers to its Berlin Headquarters, before sending a DH tech cohort to Seoul. This program reflects the company’s broader ambition to develop stronger synergies between its international tech hubs, enabling tech teams to build upon developments that have been pioneered in different regions.

Christian Hardenberg, the CTO of Delivery Hero, said: “Delivery Hero invests in building strong regional tech teams. By being close to our customers in places like Seoul, Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul and Buenos Aires, we are able to build amazing products for all our regions in parallel. The Woowa team is working on some of the most cutting edge tech in the delivery industry, including robotics, automation and machine learning, and we are excited to see what new collaborations are born as a result of this exchange.”

Jaeha Song, the CTO of Woowa, said: “This is the first official global program between Berlin and Seoul and we are very excited. The exchange will give an insight into how each region is working on a fundamental level by being able to experience and work in the same location and learn from each other. We hope this program gives us positive feedback to be able to extend more valuable programs within each region and within the tech organization.”

Visiting engineers will be assigned to a team and project based on their skills, giving them hands-on experience of working in a different entity. To find out more about Delivery Hero’s local tech hubs and a selection of their successful projects, read our most recent Tech Hub Update over on our newsroom.

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