Delivery Hero SE’s Statement of Principles on Human Rights

This statement is implemented to comply with human rights standards, minimize identified risks in the company, and meet our company's expectations regarding third parties.


Delivery Hero SE and its existing subsidiaries and controlled companies, collectively also Delivery Hero Group, provide online food ordering, delivery and other services in more than 70 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and the Americas. 

As an international company, Delivery Hero Group recognizes its responsibility in a global and dynamic marketplace. We can only live up to our expectations and responsibilities if the effects of our business activities are aligned with human rights and environmental protection standards. That is why Delivery Hero Group conducts its business activities in accordance with the following globally applicable standards and principles:

[1] Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC),

[2] Guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for multinational enterprises,

[3] Conventions and recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO) on labor and social standards,

[4] The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, and

[5] United Nations convention on the rights of the child.


Delivery Hero Group regularly analyzes where there may be particular risks of human rights violations in its supply chains. For this purpose, we use a risk management process, reviewed at least once per year, that has been specially developed for the Delivery Hero Group, which helps us to:

[1] Create transparency both in our own business operations and in our supply chain,

[2] to identify any (imminent) human rights violations and,

[3] if necessary, to take the necessary measures. 

We have identified issues of adequate living wage, working hours, discrimination, respect for freedom of association, and occupational health and safety as particularly sensitive areas in the context of Delivery Hero Group's human rights due diligence. 

Based on the findings and the above-mentioned international standards, we have developed guidelines and principles for Delivery Hero Group, which include specific goals and measures to which our employees and business partners need to adhere. In particular, these include:

[1] Delivery Hero SE Global Code of Conduct 

[2] Delivery Hero SE Human Rights Policy 

[3] Delivery Hero SE Third Party Code of Conduct

The Delivery Hero Group undertakes to regularly review the application of these guidelines and to adapt them accordingly in the event of changes in the law, changes in the requirements of supervisory authorities and changes in the Delivery Hero Group or its activities. 

We intend to ensure compliance with human rights by, among other things through:

[1] Trainings

[2] Implementation of control procedures developed for this purpose and which require involvement of specialized teams, 

[3] Establishing of guidelines and their inclusion in contracts with suppliers in addition to any other relevant corporate guidelines,

[4] Inclusion of contractual obligations for suppliers to comply with labor, social and environmental standards in the (supply) agreements; and

[5] Any other appropriate measures relevant in a specific case. 

In the event a human rights violation by third parties (including but not limited to suppliers, other business partners, riders) comes to our attention, we will request a remedial action be taken.  In the absence of remedial action by third parties, we will take action ourselves. In more severe cases, our action may include termination of the respective business relationship.

Furthermore, Delivery Hero Group strives to involve its direct suppliers, other business partners and also indirect business partners, who operate along the supply chain, to ensure that supply chains operate in compliance with the law.

We strive to prevent or mitigate, in the context of our business relationships, negative human rights impacts associated with our operations, products or services even in cases where Delivery Hero has not directly contributed to those impacts. We always strive to use our influence to address adverse human rights impacts arising from our business relationships. 

Delivery Hero Group expects employees, suppliers, business partners, customers and riders to comply with applicable laws, applicable Delivery Hero SE policies and international and national human rights conventions. Failure to comply with applicable standards as well as our policies and refusal to cooperate in the investigation of cases of possible violations may result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of business or employment and/or involvement of the appropriate authorities.

In addition, Delivery Hero Group has established an overarching whistleblower reporting system. This system can be used by employees and third parties to report possible violations of human rights and applicable laws at any time. All Delivery Hero Group employees are required to report any serious situations that occur inside or outside the company and are likely to cause harm to natural or legal persons. In particular, violations of our Human Rights Policy Statement, Delivery Hero SE’s Global Code of Conduct or other relevant standards must be reported. Delivery Hero Group guarantees that all complaints received through the whistleblower system will be treated confidentially and that no retaliation of any kind will be taken against individuals who make reports in good faith.


We expressly promote respect for human rights in our internal and external spheres of activity. Delivery Hero Group furthermore expects third parties to adhere to the same principles. In addition, Delivery Hero Group is committed to developing a corporate culture that aims to respect human rights. We are aware that implementing human rights due diligence in our own business operations as well as in the supply chain is an ongoing process. Therefore, we are committed to regular review and assess the effectiveness of our operational practices and measures and improve them continuously. This includes our efforts to also work towards improving the human rights situation of third parties whom we have business relationships with.