Robots in quick commerce: is this the future of delivery?
robots in quick commerce

Robots in quick commerce: is this the future of delivery?

13 Apr 2021
Quick commerce_Delivery Hero

Quick commerce: what it’s like to play a part in shaping the delivery industry

08 Apr 2021

A week in the life of Delivery Hero’s CTO

01 Apr 2021
Ambareen Reza foodpanda Bangladesh

Founder’s Story: Ambareen Reza, Managing Director & Co-founder at foodpanda Bangladesh

18 Mar 2021

How we built a global brand from the ground up

15 Mar 2021
DX ventures_Blog Header

How DX Ventures supports disruptive change in the industry

19 Jan 2021
delivery industry trends 2021

5 delivery industry trends to watch out for in 2021

14 Jan 2021
Swimlanes-Personalization Delivery Hero

Diving into local swimlanes: what personalization looks like in real life

26 Nov 2020
Delivery Hero Recommendations

Understanding taste: how we offer our customers what they did not yet know they wanted

17 Nov 2020

A Founder’s Story: Niklas Östberg, CEO at Delivery Hero

03 Nov 2020
efood delivery hero

Ready, steady, vlog! How our Greek brand wins at video content

28 Sep 2020
Delivery Hero x Mastercard

How Delivery Hero is using fintech to transform digital payments in MENA with Mastercard

10 Sep 2020
Customer Experience CX delivery hero

Understanding our customers: the way to delivering an amazing experience

31 Aug 2020
Emmanuel_Thomassin Delivery Hero

How Delivery Hero became an industry leading delivery platform in less than 10 years

25 Aug 2020
own delivery Delivery Hero

The secret sauce behind brilliant logistics: a story about efficiency, customer satisfaction – and scale

10 Aug 2020
Dmarts Delivery Hero quick commerce

The key to successfully launching and running Dmarts

29 Jul 2020
Quick commerce delivery hero

Quick commerce: pioneering the next generation of delivery

29 Apr 2020
Delivery Hero marketing

2020, we’re on it! How our brands predicted this year’s consumer habits

20 Feb 2020
Delivery Hero clock

Happy customers, smarter working: how 20 min delivery can redefine the on-demand experience

04 Feb 2020
500k restaurants Delivery Hero

Half a million restaurants: how did we get there?

27 Jan 2020
Delivery Hero kitchens

Kitchens optimized for delivery: Delivery Hero’s favourites

07 Jan 2020
Brand Meetup Delivery Hero

Twenty-six brands, one event: Delivery Hero’s 2019 Brand Meetup

11 Dec 2019
Babak Mohtachemi, Delivery Hero

“If Governance, Risk and Compliance was a burger, we create the super deluxe edition”

05 Dec 2019
Rider delivery hero

Driving marketing innovation: key trends

28 Nov 2019
Pieter-Jan Vandepitte, Delivery Hero

How strong local teams and centralized collaboration drive success

20 Nov 2019
Global Payments Delivery Hero header

Finance innovation and the cashless future: how we built a global payment system

07 Nov 2019

Why flexible workplaces create a healthy mindset

01 Oct 2019
Global Contact Center team Delivery Hero

Creating the best ‘worst case scenario’: customer care in the age of data

23 Sep 2019
Finance Systems Delivery Hero

At the intersection of finance and tech: Meet our award-winning finance systems team (pt. 1)

10 Sep 2019
Selcan Risk Management Delivery Hero

“We are responsible risk takers”: Risk management and its impact on success

19 Aug 2019
Jeri Doris Delivery Hero

How choice, growth and a global mindset create an amazing place to work

25 Jul 2019
Timo Chambers Delivery Hero

When careers meet hypergrowth: developing within an expanding business

02 Jul 2019

2 years since IPO: growth, change, and future vision

27 Jun 2019
Delivery Hero Internal Audit Team

Why internal auditors are ‘the good guys’

13 Jun 2019
Andreas Chrorosis, VP Finance Innovation at Delivery Hero

How finance is connecting our teams around the globe

09 May 2019
future delivery scenarios

From sky to sand: pushing the frontiers of food delivery

23 Apr 2019
Paminos and Constantinos

Founders’ story – Meet Paminos and Constantinos from efood

17 Apr 2019
Musical brands Delivery Hero

Four times our brands brought their musical A-game

03 Apr 2019

Chocolate soufflé and wet hamburgers: exploring Istanbul’s food scene

28 Mar 2019
Delivery Hero - Tech Team

DeliveryHack: first hackathon of the year codes for social cause

15 Mar 2019

Hey {firstname}, keep an eye on these CRM trends for 2019!

20 Feb 2019

Founder’s story: meet Nauman from foodpanda Pakistan

07 Feb 2019

FOODIVERSITY: A look at the efood campaign that got students on board

30 Jan 2019

How we’re taking product to the next level in 2019

10 Jan 2019

Why chain restaurants and food delivery platforms make a good team

23 Nov 2018

When movie stars meet food delivery: why we love our global influencer campaigns

08 Nov 2018
Future of kitchens

Robot chefs, drones and the end of kitchens: the weird and wonderful future of food delivery

16 Oct 2018
CX team Delivery Hero

How to put the “amazing” in amazing takeaway experience: Meet our Customer Experience team

17 Sep 2018
press team delivery hero

Behind the scenes: Three weeks in the life of Delivery Hero’s press team

29 Aug 2018
foodpanda kitchen hub in Singapore

3,100 square feet, 7 brands, 1 menu – Discover Delivery Hero’s kitchen hub in Singapore

20 Aug 2018
foodora riders

26 truths about being a rider – From A (Ability to participate) to Z (Zero Emission)

07 Aug 2018
discovery team delivery hero

How our Discovery Team creates a special menu for every customer

16 Jul 2018
rebranding delivery hero

Our global rebranding process: a local approach

06 Jul 2018
Delivery Hero IPO 2017

12 months listed – and still hungry! Here’s what happened in the first year after IPO

29 Jun 2018
voice ordering foodora

“Smart speaker, please order my favourite burger!” – Delivery Hero is building the future of voice ordering

22 Jun 2018
restaurant performance delivery hero

The better is the enemy of the good: How Delivery Hero is helping restaurants to constantly improve their service

11 Jun 2018
restaurant performance delivery hero

How technology is making food ordering feel kind of magic

29 May 2018
delivery hero IPO

Delivery Hero wins Corporate Finance Award

24 Apr 2018

Beyond pizza: Discover our most ordered dishes around the globe

09 Apr 2018
robot food delivery

Lessons from one year of robot food delivery

05 Apr 2018
ralf wenzel delivery hero

Where will Delivery Hero’s journey take us, Mr. Strategy?

29 Mar 2018