Always delivering an amazing experience.


Delivery Hero is always delivering an amazing experience.

What makes us special? It’s the way we combine food and tech. Our local teams are working closely together with our central teams that are on the forefront of innovation, e.g. in logistics, in exploring new kitchen concepts, in finding smart ways of using data.

We are present in 40+ countries around 5 continents. Currently we have c. 22,000 employees globally, with 1,000+ staff members working in our Berlin headquarters – all on a mission to deliver an amazing experience.

Our House of Brands

Globally we have nearly 30 brands, B2C and B2B. Together we are Delivery Hero, united in our goal to create an amazing takeaway experience for our customers.

House of brands April 2019

We deliver - traditional takeaway and more

Traditional takeaway includes tasty cuisines like pizza, burger or Asian food. These are still very, very popular throughout the globe, though at the same time the demand for a broader choice is rising. More and more people are becoming more aware of what they are eating and demand high quality standards for their nutrition. Delivery Hero is building a service for all people and their different needs. As a matter of course we not only deliver fast and reliably, but we deliver exactly the kind of food that you desire. In essence, our apps are designed to be an entire food court in your pocket, including high-end restaurants, vegan cuisine, organic food, or a stone-baked pizza with that certain twist.

We run great brands all around the globe that deliver food from high end restaurants right to your door. In other words, these brands serve as on-demand food boutiques for the most beloved restaurants in your town that traditionally don’t deliver. Whether it’s a 2 star Michelin restaurant or the ultimate burger experience – our riders pick it up and deliver on time.