• 2008

    A heroic idea is born

    Niklas Östberg starts an online-food ordering service in Sweden.

  • 2011

    Delivery Hero is founded

    The Delivery Hero group is founded, along with the Hero Hub HQ in Berlin.

  • 2017

    Delivery Hero goes public

    Delivery Hero goes public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and celebrates its IPO.

  • 2022

    Delivery Hero operates in 70+ countries

    By building a global footprint across four continents, Delivery Hero serves up to 2.2 billion people around the world.

Our ecosystem: a mission to deliver anything

As the world’s leading local delivery platform, we work with a large global ecosystem of riders, restaurants, shops and partners. From prepared meals to groceries, flowers, coffee, medicine… we deliver whatever you need – fast, easy and to your door.

  • Riders


    A strong network of riders is the beating heart of our business, making it possible to deliver to customers fast and efficiently. With a sophisticated rider fleet and logistics model, we’re always improving our operations, service to customers, and delivery model.

  • Restaurants & Vendors

    Restaurants & Vendors

    Our partners create amazing experiences that customers come back for time and time again. As a key part of our delivery ecosystem, our restaurants’ drive and creativity adds flavour to our platforms, and we work closely with our partners to support their business.

  • Quick commerce

    Quick commerce

    Quick commerce (q-commerce) is the next generation of e-commerce, delivering small quantities of goods to customers’ doors almost instantly. As speed and convenience becomes ever more important to customers, Delivery Hero is pioneering fast delivery through q-commerce, with a promise to deliver in under an hour.

  • Dmarts


    Our Dmarts - delivery-only supermarkets - allow us to deliver groceries and household goods to customers in record time. By using centrally located warehouses optimized for delivery, in some countries, goods are delivered in less than 15 minutes.

Our global brands

Our teams around the world are on the forefront of innovation, operating a network of brands across four continents. Take a look at the main brands in our family:

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