Security at Delivery Hero

The world! Rapidly changing, constantly evolving and becoming more and more digital every passing day. And digitalization also changes our lives. It allows us to dive deep into the cyber world.

The Cyber world comes with many advantages, as it comes with many threats. “We are Heroes because we care” shows how important our customers’ privacy and datas as well as how serious threats are in this world.

We believe that DeliveryHero will become more and more stronger in the cyber world by being open to the community and getting the support of independent researchers, hackers, enthusiasts, experts or people. Thus, we are happy to share that we are starting cooperation with HackerOne to protect DeliveryHero’s systems better. We always aim higher and to protect every data, DeliveryHero will do everything to become the best in this field.

Vulnerability Reporting

If you have discovered security vulnerabilities or would like to report any other security incident, send us a message via the form below. Please be advised that reports on security issues will only be processed via the Vulnerability Disclosure Program. Attempts at cyber crime or unlawful activity will not be responded to.

We greatly appreciate the efforts of security researchers and provide secure means for disclosing security vulnerabilities responsibly.

Please note: disclosure deadlines are set in accordance with the severity of the bugs.