Security at Delivery Hero

At Delivery Hero we take both privacy of our customers and security of customer data very seriously. Establishing trustful relationships with our customers is what we are constantly aiming for.

As a company we are also striving for the best experience on our website and mobile devices and are constantly developing new and innovative products.
Having said this, we feel obliged to implement the strongest measures to protect the data of our customers. To live up to our own standards, we work closely together with external experts of the security industry and are very ambitious when it comes to finding solutions to all of the issues that are reported to us.

Besides those measures and having set up strong internal teams we also believe in the power of the open web and the many security researchers out there. We encourage everyone to contact our security department if you believe to have detected any security issue.

Vulnerability Reporting

If you have discovered security vulnerabilities or would like to report any other security incident, you can send your submissions to