Working and delivering safely

All people deserve to be safe and lead long, healthy lives. As such, we want to help our people and the rider community to conduct their activities safely. 

Safety depends on the risks one faces and these differ greatly depending on the activity and location. As such, our safety program is decentralized, enabling our local businesses to define procedures that reflect the reality on the ground, as well as the local legal requirements

Food safety

At Delivery Hero we recognize the importance of food safety throughout our operations, including food sourcing, storage, handling, processing, and delivery. Everyone within the organization has a collective responsibility and an ethical obligation to our customers. Delivery Hero is committed to continuous improvement and taking all responsible actions and precautions to protect our customers’ wellbeing and ensure regulatory compliance.

To ensure best practices, Delivery Hero is working towards embracing global food safety technical requirements according to good industry practices, and introducing a risk-based approach according to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point methodology.

COVID-19 pandemic

As with many businesses around the world, COVID-19 challenged us to evolve the ways we worked. We prioritized the safety of our people, riders, customers, and partners by introducing measures such as contactless deliveries, remote working, and contact tracing. As an essential provider in many of our markets, we work hard to keep deliveries going for customers even during local outbreaks.