29 Jul 2018 | Culture & Careers | by Melanie Bochmann

Between desks, hammocks and yoga mats: Our Yemeksepeti office in Istanbul

At Delivery Hero, we’re not only aiming to create amazing experiences for our customers, but also for our more than 17,000 employees around the world. An inspiring office environment is definitely a central part of this experience. Who doesn’t like to come to an office that welcomes you every day with positive energy and simply makes you feel good? Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the headquarters of Yemeksepeti, our Turkish brand that has a stunning office space in the heart of Istanbul.

Having grown too large for their previous office, our 570 Turkish colleagues moved to their brand new hub in September 2017. As Yemeksepeti is expecting to grow further, the building offers enough space for many future additions.

The 14,000 sqm office space was designed by Erginoğlu & Çalışlar. The architects have listened to the wants and needs of Yemeksepeti, to ensure that the team has a working environment, which is custom made to their requirements. Every floor has a unique style, and colour design; but there is one thing that all floors have in common: there are no closed doors and all walls are made from glass (ensuring transparency and facilitating communication).

A great working environment is crucial to make employees feel comfortable and appreciated; and it is also inspiring people and allowing for networking and socialising between colleagues. That’s why around 50 percent of the office space is common space, such as lounges, chill areas, sleeping rooms or playstation rooms.

Yemeksepeti’s office is full of highlights; and some of them particularly stand out: A favorite place of employees is the diner where people can meet and eat in a sixties style environment. There is also a gym that allows for some fitness exercises; and those who prefer a calmer atmosphere can be delighted by the fantastic in-house art gallery. Our Turkish place is one of many Hero Hubs globally, where talented food lovers are building the future of online food ordering and delivery – somewhere between desks, hammocks and yoga mats. Stay tuned for more sightseeing tours through our Hero Hubs around the world!


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