09 Apr 2018 | Business & Innovation | by Melanie Bochmann

Beyond pizza: Discover our most ordered dishes around the globe

Delivery Hero, with its respective brands, delivers food to people in more than 40 countries. In 2017 alone, we processed more than 290 million orders globally.

Having operated online food ordering platforms for almost seven years, we learned that each market has different habits when it comes to ordering and eating; and we are true believers that takeaway goes far beyond pizza and pasta.

While Germans still love Pizza above all else, other markets have transformed their takeaway preferences away from the traditional pizza, burgers and pasta to either local favourites or healthier options. Turkey and Bahrain know you can’t go past a good kebab, South Korea is crazy for chicken, and Argentina is ecstatic about empanadas! Check out our last year’s most popular takeaway dishes in Turkey, Argentina, Bahrain, South Korea, Kuwait, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. 

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