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- June 18, 2021

Everyday Roastery: Get to know Delivery Hero’s own coffee brand

Did you know that Delivery Hero doesn’t only deliver meals, groceries and household products to customers’ homes quickly? We’ve also launched our own coffee brand to boost people’s lives around the globe: Everyday Roastery. Created in 2020, Everyday Roastery’s delicious tastes, sleek design and lifestyle vibe aims to deliver the convenience and quality of a local coffee shop directly to our customers’ doorsteps. Read on to find out more about how Delivery Hero brought its in-house coffee brand to life, and what makes it so special.  

An estimated 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day – that’s over 26,000 per second! From Buenos Aires to Stockholm, from Seoul to Dubai, people need their caffeine kick, and platforms like Delivery Hero have seen a significant increase in coffee orders. In fact, nowadays coffee is one of the most ordered items in many of our countries, including Greece. With advancements in quick commerce, the convenience of consuming a fresh brew is on the rise and these numbers are only bound to increase. So, in order to have our customers’ favorite hot drinks available at any time and meet their ever-growing demand, we at Delivery Hero saw an opportunity to venture into building our coffee brand – but first we needed to survey the land.

Bringing an idea to life

Our central brand team, operating as our creative agency, began by conducting comprehensive consumer research across 8 countries to understand what people appreciate about a coffee brand and what they are missing in their market right now. Based on the results, the brand team moved on to conceptualizing the visual identity and personality of our new global brand, Everyday Roastery.

With a mission to cater to everyone’s tastes, moods, and preferences, our designers chose a sleek monochrome color palette to stand out from the competition. But black and white can still be fun! To reflect different moods and needs for coffee, 7 different patterns for each day of the week appear across cups, merchandise, and marketing designs to inject joy into customers’ ordering experience. Even the D in Everyday was designed to resemble a coffee cup, making its identity strong and distinctive – so distinctive, in fact, that the brand team has been named as a finalist in the Design category for The Drum Awards for Marketing 2021.

Everyday Roastery’s unique personality and premium quality coffee have made it one of the first choices of coffee for many customers already. 

Establishing a brand: How to think and act like a barista

Of course, strong branding alone is not enough to create a successful coffee brand overnight. Led by Dr. Mustafa Sayin, Senior Manager of Operations at Delivery Hero, our quick commerce team was up for the challenge of learning how to establish a coffee brand customers will love and took their time to study in-depth how to run operations from abroad. This required a rigorous learning process and thorough analysis of the business case.

Taking their newly acquired knowledge, Mustafa and his team set off to Kuwait to put their plan of seamlessly integrating the brand into our Dmarts (local retail and distribution centers) into action. With the right mix of seasoned experience and entrepreneurial quick thinking, the team was able to launch the first-ever Everyday Roastery in Kuwait’s Dmart in an impressive amount of time to deliver top-notch coffee fast. Despite encountering unforeseen circumstances, from the difficulties of finding local baristas to limited time, the launch was a success.

Currently, Everyday Roastery is available in Dmarts across Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia already, offering a variety of beverages and snacks, from frappés to cinnamon rolls, teas, and cakes. There are plans to expand the operations even further, with the first steps into the European market segment soon taking place in Hungary and Germany.

As advances in quick commerce are made, the availability of Everyday Roastery and its eye-catching design will only continue to expand.

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