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- January 7, 2020

Kitchens optimized for delivery: Delivery Hero’s favourites

It is an exciting time to be working in the world of food delivery. The global market is developing fast, and research, new trends and pilot projects give us a glimpse into how the industry is evolving.
Have you ever wondered what food consumption will look like in the future? The global trend is clear: People have less and less time for cooking. Less time is also spent on things like doing groceries, or even thinking about a week’s worth of food to buy.

food delivery eating at home

Often people want to excel at their jobs, but not at the expense of their social lives or time spent with their families. When home, they want to watch Netflix and chill, and not lose time buying, preparing and cooking food. Hence, food delivery is becoming an increasingly important people’s everyday lives.

The food delivery market has changed tremendously over the past 10 years and will continue to do so in the next 10 years – and beyond. Just as the demand for online food ordering and on-demand delivery is growing, so is the demand for higher quality and more diverse food options. Hello, poke bowl! Food delivery platforms need to provide far more than just pizza now.

Focus on food

When you want to order food online, it might be easy to get a broad choice of restaurants in one part of the city, but in another area you have to select between only a few cuisine types. We at Delivery Hero solve this gap between demand and supply by building our very own kitchens optimized for delivery.

In these facilities, rather than serving customers and preparing food to be delivered at the same time, restaurants have the space to prepare meals specifically for delivery – called favourites. We can host several restaurants within one place; that way, they all operate their own kitchens but share parts of the infrastructure and use synergies for logistics. The focus is really on the food and its preparation, insuring a lower delivery time and a higher quality of dishes. Not only will the meal arrive faster, it will also taste better.

Choice, choice, choice

Delivery Hero favourites kitchenWe make data-driven decisions on what the best location would be for our favourites kitchen facility. For example, we identify areas with a high population density but only little restaurant coverage. It’s very likely that in these areas people would order a lot of food online if only they had the choice. Once we have found the perfect location, we invite our most popular restaurant partners with interesting cuisine types to join. For us it’s very important to offer a mix of cuisines to our customers in this area, so we look into data about restaurants and order behaviour to create the perfect selection.

Our local teams on the ground work hard to make this a reality. As they know the markets inside out, they are the driving force behind our delivery kitchens and provide invaluable insights as well as making sure everything runs smoothly.

Delivery-optimized kitchens are not only a win for customers, but also for restaurant partners: They get an opportunity to expand their business to new areas, acquire new customers and increase revenues.

Take a look at our favourites kitchen in Singapore!

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